How to tell paid from non paid

(Axiom9) #1

Hello im back again…the annoying newbie…ok I need to know when I am posting a trade with someone how can I tell if the cards I am asking for are free packs or ones that they actually had to pay for because I dont want to try to rip someone off…I mean if they wanna trade them and it doesnt matter to them great but I rather know than get someone mad…from what I have seen there isnt a way but asking anyway…also they really need to get some kind of chat thing on the app…I usually do my trades and stuff from the app…ok thank you all once again :slight_smile:

(Axiom9) #2

Oh and also dorotheerudolph suggested I post my account just to let people see if I have any cards they need for trading dont have alot yet but starting to get there :slight_smile:

(Nick Barrett) #3

There is no way of knowing if the print was paid for or a free pack. Plus there is currently no way of knowing it is from Pro Series or Amateur Series without looking it up.

(Axiom9) #4

Ok…thank you very much…man they sure do like making it hard on us :smirk: