How many of you actively vote for submissions? (Poll inside, please vote)

(Matej Bystricky) #1

Hi everyone! I’m interested to see how many NeonMob users actively vote for new submissions and the approximate proportion of users who vote vs those who don’t. I know this forum represents just a very small number of the entire user-base, but I’m going to ask anyways.

Do you actively vote for new submissions on the Vote page (by “actively” I mean you check at least once in a while and vote, or don’t vote for every submission up until the last one since your last visit; at least once a month)?
Also if you do not actively vote or you don’t vote at all, I’m interested why. Please cast your vote here (the poll is anonymous):

  • I actively vote
  • I occasionally vote
  • I never /very rarely vote - (optional: why don’t you vote?)

0 voters

I’d like to ask as many users to vote, to get better results, so if you can please cast your vote as well. If you don’t vote (for submissions) and don’t want to give a reason, that’s absolutely fine, you can just select that you don’t vote and not write anything.

Thank you!

(Sima Seal4) #2

I used to not vote, but now I’ve started looking there often.

Edit: I’m planning to post this link to people on Neonmob in hopes of getting more people to vote. 12 people… is not a very good sample size.

Edit2: I’m a productive person, what are you talking about?

(Peopleschampion) #3

I used to vote everyday and check for new submissions a couple of times a day. I vote now 1-2 times a month. In the old days a set could be submited>approved>published>out of free packs in a matter of days (like THEM) and the fastest you can start, the easiest was to finish. With a 6 month availability period and inifinite dupes, the risk of not finish is minimal. Less with the huge amount of free packs and paid options.

(Varactyls) #4

I have a feeling more people vote than read these forums :slight_smile:

(Mckayrulez) #5

I rarely vote as I only occasionally view the voting page. Most series I would vote for are already in progress, so I don’t really end up ‘voting’ at all. I used to like series more when I first started a couple years ago, but then those series would end up ‘in progress’ still to this day after 2 years in submission, and never actually become a series for whatever reason of the artists. Which is okay, of course, but still kind of a bummer. :frowning:

(Sima Seal4) #6

Yeah, such as “Punny Foods”. It was gonna get a part 3, but it’s been “in progress” for 3 years. Should probably be fixed in some way, like if it’s been in progress for a long time and Neonmob can’t get in contact with the creator, they’ll remove it until the creator says something.

(Astroasis) #7

I wasn’t sure if I should put myself down as actively voting or occasionally voting. I tend to just pop around periodically and vote on whatever submissions I like, but that’s sometimes more active than other times, so… it varies.

(Wyando) #8

Once a week or so I do look up the new submissions.
Of course, I’ll only vote for those of my personal interest (or which looks promising).
Of to the that page now :wink:

Edit: Although I rarely comment those submissions…

(Sima Seal4) #9

Yeah, these forums are very dead. Well, not dead, but you know what I mean.

(Matej Bystricky) #10

Wow, thanks! Now I feel like like a lazy person and that I should’ve been doing that :smiley: .

(Alex Dayz) #11

The reason I rarely ever vote is because I’m mostly here to collect and trade, and the few I have voted for have been “In Progress” for years. Hack, only recently did one if the submissions I voted for was completed, and I totally forgot I even voted for it, and lost interest in it.