How has your collecting/trading habits changed since NeonMob's system overhaul?

(Sherri Keller) #44

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So, one way we might be able to help save/solidify/return neonmob to it’s former greatness as a great trading platform is to give back. What if each of us gave the site a set of our own work to feature? Free. Just replenish it’s coffers so it can enjoy some breathing space and be encouraged to return to when it had things right.[/quote]

So instead of giving NM 70% of 0, artists should give them 100% of 0?

I don’t think it’s a lack of artwork selection that’s making this site suffer…

(Instanthobo) #45

After reading the thread, it seemed to me the two issues were:

  1. a change of odds for those of us depending on freebies and
  2. a change from limited to unlimited numbers in the sets.

My suggestion was intended to offer another alternative to those drastic changes by giving the platform a large number of sets to release over time. I realize this is an anti-capitalistic idea. It wouldn’t bother me if anyone trying to make money by selling work on the platform skipped donating a set. But per the thread, it seems like creators aren’t having success anyway, so why not pitch in for just one set. Maybe small sets? I know it is work. I’m a creator, too, and I am familiar with how hard it is to make a living in the current economy.

But my suggestion was that collectors like me could pitch in because we like the platform.

You may be right that this will not solve the systemic issues. It may only be my heart-felt effort to support this platform. I think it is a fantastic one and well worth saving. I hate to see collectors abandon it, but I know it is happening. There are names I’ve followed since the early days that now are graded “F”.

I am involved in a startup (over five years now and have yet to see a dime), so I must admit that my heart is with the principals behind neonmob, who I imagine have shelled out a lot of cash without much return.

There have been good suggestions on the thread. I hope there are more. I hope the neonmob workers, principals and backers don’t give up.

(Spooningbards) #46

Nope. They’re paying starving artists like you even less and making the ability to complete collections either incredibly difficult or outright impossible. Trading is no longer a common thing, and NeonMob seems to, frankly, not care unless the changes are minute ones - those changes took forever to implement after the staff continually ignored complaints. Rather that actually advertising (they’ve done nothing as far as actually advertising their product to outsiders), they made drastic changes and lied to users saying it was because people couldn’t complete series (and hey, we can’t complete series anymore unless we feel like shelling out money, hundreds of we expect to finish a large set).

In reality, the creators are no longer having success because people are either refusing to spend money here (like me, because the new changes make no sense) or leaving. The responsibility of keeping the site afloat is Neonmob’s staff, not the artists and collectors.

It’s difficult to want to invest in a site that is going downhill - I think it’s a little too late - hope isn’t going to restore the site to what it was, or even further it.

(Peopleschampion) #47

There’s no point in release a large number of sets if most collectors won’t be able to finish 3 in a month.

(Sherri Keller) #48

Someone asked a couple of months back what the red line on the forum means, and it says “last visit” now. Trading is still broken, but we know what that line means. Yippee!

(Spooningbards) #49

What change they’ve made!!

(James Moore) #50

I just started collecting cards on neonmob yesterday. I started on the “Beautiful Wishes II” set. Within a 30 hour period, I have more than 50% of the set complete. I’m not seeing any issues with the system as far as trading-pack openings go.
I do see that your post sparked some comments about people not being content with their free content. They forget, the people who buy the packs run the platform because they pay for the platform. Of course it’s difficult to complete a set for free and if it is a set you like, get some credits and get more packs to complete it.

(mtso 💣) #51

Odds of getting rares and higher have improved significantly since the original post of this thread. “Old” sets had limited card counts and “new” sets have a limited time availability period. That’s one of the problems that made it difficult to gauge card value.

(Sherri Keller) #52

Welcome to the site! :smiley:

Yes, the rates were adjusted to increase the drop rate of the rarer cards. When this post was originally written, you would often get the entire set of Common and Uncommon cards multiple times over before you’d even see a Rare+ card drop. And Chases? Forget about it. It was pretty much impossible to ever get a full set by opening only the free packs when the system was changed.

I do support the site by buying packs when I’m able to, but that’s not always an option for me.

(mtso 💣) #53

With the current system of time-based availability, I must admit that I’ve spent more on credits than in the old limited card count system.

I put much more of a premium on cards with low print numbers, so I try to get as many low print numbers as I can when a series that I like gets released. I don’t necessarily like it because it’s much easier to miss the time window if I’m at work or not awake—it’s just how my collecting habits have changed.

I really enjoyed the old system where when someone pulled all commons in a pack, you knew the chances of getting a higher rarity literally increased for everyone else. In that system, though, I only bought credits when the free packs were all sold out.

(Naud van Dalen) #54

Previously, it was worth it to keep opening packs if you almost completed the set, because you could get duplicates with lower print numbers. Now I stop opening packs if the set is almost completed because I can just complete it by trading and I can only get higher print numbers. But I don’t, because it’s a lot of effort to find the right trading partners. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Pandite) #55

Before I read anything, anyone want to summarize the overhaul? I’ve been quite busy
edit: I have read a few comments. NOw I understand why I’m backed up on series.

Me before september: aimed to complete series. did mostly medium series anywhere from 10 to 60 cards. 4 or less chases increased chances of me collecting. would work on about 7-9 series a day (no life meta)

Me around september: series a day dropped to about 3 minimum. sometimes 5 if i got on again before 3am est

Me October 6th-7th: lost 90 day streak. I got on maplestory in anticipation of ms2. simply forgot to log into nm. Trades still around every now and then.

Me since then: struggled to remember to turn in my packs everyday. currently on a 4 day streak. only around trades since Oct 10th. My friend I was grooming as my NM successor completely forgot about NM until i mentioned it yesterday.

My usual routine before sep was to exclusively work on a group of series I liked for base completion and sometimes chases (under 4).
now I ignore all things new until I finished. because. I’m not. I’m simply not.

I countered a trade before checking here, put an old common on the other guy’s side for a rare on mine. I went back and undid it and told him if he wants to he can recounter it back in, but I’d understand if he wants to keep that 2 year old print lol