How has your collecting/trading habits changed since NeonMob's system overhaul?

(JB) #21

Maybe for those discouraged by the new infinite sets, why not try a older set that still has finite prints?
Those sets still have pack odds listed and there are still some that even have free packs left.

Here are a few for those interested:

(Le french Steak) #22

Since the update I’ve been receiving more and more trades proposing only cards from packs I never even owned a single card.
Is it only me? Why would they do that ?


Same. It’s quite annoying.

(Flahme) #24

I have finally got into the groove of the new system. Yes, it has changed my habits but I am back to regularly trading, albeit a bit less than I did once.

The main habit that has changed is the size of the sets I will collect, I find I am less interested in ones with loads of chases (read half the set is a chase) and I prefer sets that only have 2-3 VR and XR. I get all the common, UC, R from free packs and as soon as I get dupes, I start trading for the remainder of those types. I used to regularly use money to finish packs anyway, so that habit is no different, then I use the paid packs specific to what I need. Yes, I see that makes it difficult for the free players but I play many, many online games and there is always a cost somewhere, they are running a business after all.

I have received both XR and Chases through free packs on around three occasions this week alone, so I feel the rng odds may have been changed as that seems better than even a month ago.

I will still trade an ‘old’ XR for a ‘new’ XR regardless of rarity because you can’t live in the past forever and they are both XR,

So, the point is you can still make this game what you want it to be but may need to define your personal goals and rules a little differently.

(Spooningbards) #26

I will still trade an ‘old’ XR for a ‘new’ XR regardless of rarity because you can’t live in the past forever and they are both XR.

Not exactly. There are less prints of old, finite numbered cards, and are therefore more valuable - it isn’t about living in the past (which was only a few months ago), it’s a valid reason to not want to trade them for infinite numbered cards.

(Who8mypnuts) #27

Yes. I’m pretty much at the point of abandoning the site if neonmob isn’t going to make some changes, go back to the way things were previously, or at least communicate with the community to some extent. Their silence is very telling of a hasty and unthought-out move.

(Le french Steak) #28

Not necessarily.
Some people will value New Rares less because they’re said unlimited, but they also are much harder to pull, so some others will value the New Rares more.
I wouldn’t be surprised if despite being supposedly unlimited, there would effectively be less prints of these than in older sets.
Simply because we can’t know how many prints of the new cards exist or will be in the end, it’s harder to come to an agreement when trading across the two generations.

(Spooningbards) #29

Yet another reason to roll back the system – there is no valued rarity, so why even value between rarities and print numbers? Why have print numbers? With that logic, shouldn’t we just trade cards regardless of their status as common or rare? As many have said, they’ve basically ruined NeonMob’s concept of exclusivity.

Trade how you please, but it doesn’t mean you need to throw shade at people who are as you say ‘living in the past’ because they’re more comfortable trading finite cards for finite because you can actually discern their amount and value.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #30

I agree with @estecka that that isn’t necessarily the case. I myself habe been collecting the “Astrini” series from beginning and I’m waiting for someone to draw a duplicate of the very rare “Dragon Fairy” card to trade for my only very rare duplicate, but so far that card has only got drawn 9 times. In ten days this series will have been out for two months.

As long as only few people pay for the packs with higher rarities, I assume that those higher rarities might be rarer than for the old series. Though, we only would be able to take into account the rarity of any card in a new series, after it has gone out of print and if then NM starts displaying not just the print number of that card, but also the amount of prints that got drawn of this card (like they do when it comes to the old series).

(Spooningbards) #32

Right, not necessarily, but it has negated any discernible value with future cards as far as trading between few copies, and made it absolutely impossible to pull cards from certain older series, so there is no even ground.

(Spooningbards) #33

And I forgot to mention in my previous post that one of the main complaints that people are leaving for is solely because free users are receiving the short end of the stick. Those players who cannot pay to pull from pro series are only given commons and uncommons and have no possibility of eventually making the game what they want it to be because the one tool to help them get those cards they can’t pull to finish series is basically nonexistent compared to what it once was. A lot of people have already left the site (have you seen all the trading inactivity while searching for cards?) and trades are far and few between, so it makes completing series realistically impossible for free collectors to achieve in most cases.

They could have kept their balanced, sound, and thriving system and implemented a subscription based system to raise the money they needed (along with advertising) and saved themselves from alienating the free users.

(Sierra) #34

Actually we have been responding. We have even implemented some changes based on discussions happening here in the forums.

(Who8mypnuts) #35

It would be good to let people know…
Being that I still see 0 sales. It’s not really making much of a difference.

(Mbergmaier) #36

Even if I’ve already made much investment in buying packs I wouldn’t mind, if the chances to get VR and highers would encrease even for free players! just saying :slight_smile:

(Sierra) #38

The changes we made were for the amateur series and the notifacation was posted in a different forum thread (about that topic) as well as Facebook and Twitter.

(Neon22) #39

saddened. seems like you just can’t get the very rare anymore. I am stuck on 83% of several series and have 35 duplicates and 14 of the same card. Hardly seems worth keeping coming - just can’t close a series… I enjoyed it for a year, made it to Getty today. Probably that’s enough huh…

(Nicodeamus) #40

Basically I sit at 80% complete for every new series and hope other people will pull ER/VRs so I can trade for them. I’m pretty sure the fact that it is necessary for purchases to be made ruins the system. Neither people who spent money before the change, nor people who didn’t, want to be forced into spending money to finish a series. It also feels like any series that isn’t very popular is going to forever be basically impossible to complete, there are no cards in rotation and the capacity for there to be will be over in due time.

This is NOT an incentive to spend money. This is incentive to stop trying. “Free to Play” systems shouldn’t depend on money to finish any given element of it. People who spend money should be able to complete more series, people who do not should have to be a lot more choosy about which they want to prioritize. As it is many people will struggle to complete a series they have collected over its entire 6 month duration and that is ridiculous. On top of that, like other have pointed out, there is no sense of luck and chance that keeps people coming back. You either open free packs and have near-zero odds of opening high rarity cards you need or spend money and are guaranteed high rarity cards, which does not produce the same satisfaction as opening them from a regular pack.

By this I can only assume you mean that we should all lower our expectations by a lot? Its great that people like you have been and are still willing to spend money. The community depends on people like you. But without people who aren’t, there won’t be a community. I get that there should be a cost and NM deserves to get paid of course, but you have to see that we aren’t just rejecting this system because it revolves around spending money. It does not constitute a healthy community, no one is trading, and daily visits are boring and repetitive. You know exactly what you will get going in.


I will show You my stats of one of the series

  • Oriental Era-Women’s Beauty:

Commons 3/3:
53 x Hopefulness
58 x Graceful
60 x Scar

Uncommons 3/3:
23 x Gracious
34 x Cloudless
21 x Summer

Rares 3/3:
19 x Curiosity
17 x Spirit
17 x Entertainer

Very Rares 2/2:
2 x Mesmerize
2 x Modest

Extremely Rares 0/2:

Chases 0/14:

Who will beat this? :wink:

I really want to get rid of these duplicates…
I used to have series with no duplicates (because of trading cards). It looked more “orderly”, “clean” :stuck_out_tongue:
Now it’s totally impossible. I truly want to have something like “card eraser” or just simple trash.

(mtso 💣) #42

The most I’ve seen of a common card owned was 94 for Oriental Era: Women’s Beauty for the card “Hopefulness” :joy: but granted, he has completed the core cards.

(Instanthobo) #43

Collector for 3+ years.
First, a couple of admissions:

  1. I haven’t read everyone’s comments. Most, but not all – only because there are so many – so excuse me if someone has already made the suggestion I make here.
  2. I pretty much qualify as a starving artist at this point, so I must admit I have not spent any money on my collection. This fact has kept me quiet to this point. I guess I’m a little bit humbled by my circumstances.
  3. I am disappointed at the new changes, just like most of the group.

Ok. Those things said, I’ve enjoyed neonmob very much. Having to collect using only free cards has taught me how to use the site. Since I am a freelance designer/art director/UI designer, I’ve gone to school on neonmob. It has helped me to watch it develop and I am proud to have been able to give useful feedback here and there. The fact that neonmob has listened to my user feedback makes me think they have good intentions.

I don’t know anyone from neonmob personally. I don’t know what challenges they face, although we can guess that profitability is a big one. But I have a good feeling about them. After all, they made a place where all of us can publish our artistic efforts and where we can collect and trade other people’s artistic accomplishments. While none of my work has made it, I tip my hat to the fantistic work that lives on this site.

Anyway, as I’ve been thinking about the current state of neonmob, it struck me that the one thing we all have in common is that we appreciate art. We make art because it is in our soul, not just because we are trying to make a living at it. So, one way we might be able to help save/solidify/return neonmob to it’s former greatness as a great trading platform is to give back. What if each of us gave the site a set of our own work to feature? Free. Just replenish it’s coffers so it can enjoy some breathing space and be encouraged to return to when it had things right.

Think about it, ok?