Help with Variant and Chase worth

(Alex) #1

Hi! I’m a bit lost about how much to ask for those.
Is it fair to only look for the print count regardless of rarity? I mean, a 300 print Extremely Rare should worth more than a 600 print Chase or Variant right?

I got offered a 1.3k print Variant for a 600 print Variant of the same series. I kinda feel it’s not a fair trade, and looking what the other user got in that series, I saw a 600 print RARE. I’m tempted to counter offer my Variant for that Rare as a fair trade.

Your thoughts?

I’m also constantly offered trades for a 88 print Chase, I think it’s extremely expensive, I don’t know what to do with it.

(Wallytj 32) #2

Yeah, it’s not a fair trade in my opinion. I normally base my trades on print rarity.

(Le french Steak) #3

Chase and Variant means nothing in term of rarity level. Sometime within the same set, you can have a chase worth an uncommon, and another worth more than the extra rare.

Look the card count of the other card of the series to evaluate the rarity level of your chase.
May we see the series please ?

(Alex) #4

What about card count vs rarity overall? Let’s say a common with 1k prints vs a rare with 1k prints, be it same series or not, would they be considered the same worth?
What about out of free packs series? I consider them to be more expensive as you can’t get them for free any longer.

The series I mentioned are made up to make a point, the actual chase I’m talking about it’s this:
Hope that’s the right link to share :stuck_out_tongue:

(Le french Steak) #5

That’s a notably valuable chase. I would put at very least two extra rare from this series for price, and that’s because these extra also have notably low cc.

There are common at 500cc and extra-rare at 800cc indeed, so what I advise when going cross-set is to aim for similar card count, but never more than one rarity level of difference, and try to have the lower level card also have the lower cc.

I’d say out of print/free-pack cards doesn’t really change the value of the card, more the interest people will have into it.

(Eath) #6

It really depends on the series. For example trading for cards from a pack with credits would be quite a lot more expensive. So yeah. Depends.

(dave d) #7

From a Reddit post a while back:

Value across rarity types really depends on the number of cards in the set, the cost of a pack, the card count per pack, the relative scarcity of the card within each set (this is getting standardized over the last year, though), the distribution of rarity types within the set, the number of cards in the trading pool (cards people are actually willing to trade), whether one or the other or both sets are sold out, and the tradeability of the actual card itself. Some cards are just hard to trade regardless of their rarity and count. This cuts both ways: I have a fair number of duplicate, low count ER which people are not interested in, but don’t even try to prise a Pink and Blue, or one of my Raven’s out of my collection. Raven’s just not for trade.

Typically, I trade within variant types, regardless of card count, unless the trade is exceptional for some reason, such as the trade completes a set for me, or I’m helping out a new person, or whatever.

I’ve been pretty successful trading like for like, with equivalent card counts. The overall card counts are so small, it’s difficult to “trade up” with experienced traders, and I don’t like poaching from new people.

(Alex) #8

Thanks everyone!
Pretty much I was on the right path, I was afraid I was being unrealistic or something!
On top of everything, you have inactive accounts, people that don’t understand how to properly trade… it’s really hard sometimes.

Thanks everyone, best of luck to all!