Help with site navigation

(Mbannist) #1

I am 20 sets into the collection, collecting cards and decide to check what cards i need to complete a set, after checking i am taken back to the beginning of the home page. Not a problem if you have ten sets but annoying if you have more. Anyway you can return to your position pre checking the set.

(Instanthobo) #2

I open a second window on my desktop and toggle back and forth to accomplish this sort of task.

(Mbannist) #3

Thank you, it is an obvious answer but not one I had considered. This will make my life so much easier on neonweb

(Instanthobo) #4

cool. happy collecting.

(Peopleschampion) #5

In the main page you can click at the percentage of completion above each set and see the cards you have by rarity.

(Mbannist) #6

Great for a quick overview thanks

(Cloud9) #7

You can look at your sets from the drop down menu of the collection page. That shouldn’t keep bringing you back to the home page.

(Mbannist) #8

thanks i’m using it now. great community