Having weird issues

(Joe @ NeonMob) #61

Not at all a change in policy, believe me! These are definitely issues that should not be happening. The dev team is 100% focused on debugging the entire system at the moment, all other projects have been put aside until all the problems have been resolved completely. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Bowsercookies) #62

I hope so. it worked this afternoon. woke up to a full six packs and the streak actually gave me more packs.

but about 7 hours from then, and only four packs. also recent activity is 5 days beyond.

(Shawn) #63

Hi all,

Thank you for your patience. I know the last few weeks have been frustrating. It’s been a challenge for us, as well. Quick update: the dev team has located the errors and are on the final stretch of the patch. Streaks should be working as intended by this afternoon. The frequent freebie system is a bit more complex, but the lead dev is confident we can publish that fix shortly after.

@vagrantscout or I will announce when the fix is live. This is a server-load issue, so once resolved, no one should be experiencing these issues.

Once we are 100% sure the issues have been resolved, I’ll post a few more updates on upcoming features: discarding changes, points, new ways to filter and sort, and trade optimization.

Again, thank you for your patience while we debugged this.

(Carebear1646) #64

definitely having timer issues - i wake up 5 hours later and i maybe have 2 packs … then i open one and another 3 appear … sometimes it says my timer “just started” when i know my last open was a while ago

*made this comment then saw the staff comments <3 love you all for your hard work!

(Sc Spyder Hawk) #65

Thank you NeonShawn and vagrantscout for keeping us updated on the fixes and everything going on behind the scenes to fix the issues. :relieved:

(Bannerman) #66

Timer problems for me too, if the site is not active, the timer doesn’t count at all! That means I have to keep it open all the time, otherwise I get no free packs! That’s quite diffucult, cause I work on a tablet that shuts down automaticalli after a time withour action …

(Sofi52) #67

sometimes i dont get the bonus packs and today i woke up and only got 2 packs instead of the full six even tho i havent opened any packs in about 9 hours

(Qazyn) #68

NM Team: thank you for the updates. Makes an enormous difference over what we’ve become used to in the last year.

That said: five packs received in the last 13 hours. Eesh.

(Carebear1646) #69

this is actually getting worse - i went to bed at midnight - woke up at 7am with 1 pack - got my free bonus 3 - and then i came to work (9am) and still have 30 minutes left on my counter - yesterday was quite horrid too … it seems to be getting worse not better

(Nicodeamus) #70

i woke up to just 1 pack today x_x godspeed and good luck on the fixes!

(Vvr893) #71

I’ve been having the same problems! No packs, timer errors, trades pending…
Are these issues being addressed?

(Varactyls) #72

Seems much worse now. I think I got 3 packs altogether in the last 12 hours. Streak did work this morning, though.
I saw another odd error yesterday - in an owners list, someone had 4 copies of a card. But in the actual trade window, they only had one copy. I’ll see if I can recreate it or find it again…

(Zirukurt01) #73

Looks like everyone is not receiving free packs. Does anyone getting a bug that 1 hour timer doesn’t give a free pack.

BUG - not receiving free packs per hour?
(Sc Spyder Hawk) #74

Don’t know about everyone else but I have not had any issues with getting bonus packs or regular packs over the last few days, I have seen some issues with trades not showing occasionally, or sticking once completed. Otherwise I have been okay, but that may be mostly due to only chasing down three sets currently. I have noticed I will wake up and it will show I have 0 free packs, but then after a minute or two it will flip to the correct amount missing for the time away.

(Bowsercookies) #75

I found out how to fix it if you have no packs -you have to log out and log back in and you should be at what you should be. A huge hassle but its better then no packs I guess.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #76

So from reading all the comments here, other forum posts, and social seems like our Friday update wasn’t a complete fix but more a step in the right direction. The lag everyone is seeing in the free pack timer has to do with API calls based on user actions … and looks like not all the supported user actions are making that call back correctly. The team was made aware of this on Friday evening (7/21) after launching the update and have been looking at this loophole.

However, they are now 100% focused on fixing the bugs users have been reporting with trades including those stuck notifications (we all have those as well and we know how super annoying they are), card amount disparity in the trade module (looks like another API lag in calling up information for the server), outbound trades not appearing, and phantom trades expiring and dinging trader grades … among others. Not sure if they will also fix the timer loophole at the same time or will revisit once trades are more stable but I will keep everyone updated.

As far as some hacks to get the timer to show the correct amount of free packs, a couple have come up.

  1. Log out / back in … this seems to only work occasionally but has been successful for some.

  2. On web, open two tabs to NeonMob and log in both … toggling back and forth seems to work for a lot of users.

  3. Discard anything … the team confirmed that this user action is definitely tied to the call back to update the timer so every time you discard a card the system should reset the timer to its correct amount (however, I personally haven’t had this issue so I can’t test myself). Next time someone has the opportunity, please try this hack and let us know if it works :wink:

We know the last few weeks have been rough, but we have been working very hard to get the system updated and rid ourselves of these bugs for good … hopefully in the next couple weeks we will have more updates that stabilize the system so we can get everyone back to collecting / trading normally.

Joe @ NeonMob

(Joe @ NeonMob) #80

Hey all, please read the post above before posting similar issues and fixes. Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

(Sc Spyder Hawk) #81

Thank you Joe for keeping us updated. Has there been any new updates on the fix to the trade glitches?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #82

Still working on it … seems to be more extensive / touching more items than originally thought … but literally, the entire dev team is working only on those fixes and nothing else so hopefully they will release a new update soon. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Shellgames25) #83

yeah, are these issues fixed yet? Especially the appearing/disappearing trades?