Having weird issues

(Sc Spyder Hawk) #41

Well, lets see. Today my timer is off, again. Trade won’t clear, again. Free packs were bugged, again. Now I can’t even open packs. What the heck is going on??

(Bowsercookies) #42

now if you go to collect it won’t load. just the diamond loading thing forever and ever. same with trying to open packs. this site is going down the tubes rather fast. shame. I like it. But all these errors and glitches that get worse instead of better…its making this site seriously unfun.

(Qazyn) #43

Had the timing issue again today, and I haven’t been able to open a pack all day.

(Mbergmaier) #44

Timer problems here, too …

(Bowsercookies) #45

loading again

but of course. streak finally comes and I don’t get any free packs from it. -_- third time this week. not sure what time overall. a lot. I missed out on a lot of free packs and no one seems to be doing a thing about it.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #46

The team is still looking into the issue and trying to rectify for everyone involved. Unfortunately this is taking more time than anticipated … but please know that it is our number one priority at the moment.

One thing to try, especially for your first visit of the day, is to close out of NeonMob completely and log in to start a new session (on app, double click home and swipe up … on web, close browser and open in new). I saw that this helped me receive the Streak bonus.

I will continue to keep everyone updated if any new info comes along. Thanks for understanding. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Mbergmaier) #47

This morning - no streak.
After two hours, when I reenter in the game, the free cards appear and after opening the first free pack, the streak sign was promted. So for me I just have to wait, mostly it comes through :slight_smile:

(Darklinkrises) #48

2 free packs in 12 hours … streak count, but no packs received.

(Bowsercookies) #49

…its been a couple hours since I last got packs. counter is at a 59 minutes remaining, free packs zero.

…I know you say your trying to fix this, but its not been a few days or even a week or so. its been weeks. :frowning:

and I turn off my firefox a lot. I don’t keep it on if I’m away or anything like that. /shrugs/ In fact when I get packs when I wake in the late morning/early afternoon my computer is off, then its on and a new firefox season starts. So that is clearly not the problem.

a random free pack appeared. I open it, no streak. Yah…means tomorrow will be the same. I’ll get my streak but zero free packs will be my reward. -_-

also I logged OUT for a while, clearly did not help me get my streak.

(Darklinkrises) #50

5 hours and only 1 free pack … won’t open it, because yesterday I had -1 free packs.

Lost like 20 free packs in the last 36 hours … not thinking about the last weeks, because I’m really really mad right now.

(Mbergmaier) #51

at the moment trades don’t work and also opening free packs don’t work or very slowly! Server overload?

(Sc Spyder Hawk) #52

I lose more packs while asleep than at any other time. During the day I have a tab open so the timer works correctly. Waking up to 1 pack after 7 hours is fairly annoying though.

(Bowsercookies) #53

I am starting to hate this site. ten hours, only five packs. streak came, no free packs with it. OF COURSE. -____- weeks of this with no fix, and us users offered nothing but empty we are fixing this messages.

(Sc Spyder Hawk) #54

I haven’t gotten to the point of hate, but I have reduced the amount of sets I am collecting. Partly because of the issues, partly because I’m not seeing a lot of sets I want to collect.

(Akire) #55

I’ve been having that same issue, yesterday I went to sleep around 10pm and I woke up and checked around 7:30am today and I only had 4 packs. I guess the only good thing is that at least i still have my streak.

(Bowsercookies) #56

they need to put it back to ten packs at the start of a new day until they can fix the awful script errors this new system has created.

at the rate the glitches are going, we wind up with less then ten packs somedays as is. >> I would of loved this new system had it worked right. It did for a few seconds at least.

yeah I’m deep in the hate for this site now. I’ve not been on to get packs in five hours AND THERE IS NOT A SINGLE FREE PACK.

to heck with this site. there are better sites that don’t screw me over out there. I’m not going to be bothering much with this junk heap until / if they fix the problems. I’m sick of getting next to no packs a day.

(Vvaiph) #57

I’ve had all of the above issues for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday, in addition, was unable to log in at all.

From what I’ve read here, this has been happening for quite a while. Is someone doing something about it???

(Fattboy94) #58

Same here too. Going onto day Three of this exact same problem here…

(Darklinkrises) #59

Logged in every 60 minutes to watch the counter … in 6 hours I got a total of zero (!) free packs … after 7 hours I got 3 free packs.

Now I’m back home from work and if I don’t close the tab everything seems fine …

(Neon22) #60

advice to close the tab has not seemed to help me. It looks like maybe the tab needs to stay open. But its something to do with the session I think. Personally I’m glad its a bug and not a change in policy which requires me to stay tab open, continually monitoring for 24 hours :slight_smile:

In the js the ‘artFreebiesNotificationsController’ seems to be where its all happening. but suspect its a server side issue.