Having weird issues

(Sc Spyder Hawk) #1

So within the last 24 hours or so I’ve noticed a couple weird issues.

1.) My timer adds 20-30 minutes to itself. The last two days I have had my timer starting at the top of the hour at the beginning of the day and then by mid-day the new pack won’t load until 20-30 minutes after the hour. I’m not sure why this is, but it is awfully weird.

2.) Today the “daily pack bonus” gave me no packs. First it didn’t pop up when I opened packs after the reset and then secondly when it did pop up after I woke up and opened packs it didn’t give me the three packs it was supposed to.

Don’t know if anyone else has had the same or similar problems.

(Mbergmaier) #2

the timer issue happened to me, too!

(JB) #3

Timer and daily pack issue here too. Went to bed at mightnight (est) and at 630am I only had 2 free packs. Site seems wonky today.

(Bowsercookies) #4

dumb site. I only had four packs and its been over 9 hours since I went to read and bed. >__< GIVE ME MY PACKS. I finally found awesome series and I can’t even open more then four stupid packs. -_-

(Joe @ NeonMob) #5

Hi everyone, we are aware of the issues to the free pack counter and Streaks. We will look into these issues and work on a fix. Might take us a little bit, thank you in advance for your patience. Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

(Bowsercookies) #6

-__- now there is no streak bonus. gah. this is even worse.

edit - the streak came. a hour or more later. idk what is going on.

(Darklinkrises) #7

same timer issue here (only 3 free packs in 8 hours) … streak bonus was normal.

another problem: someone accepted a trade and we both got our cards, but the trade message won’t disappear. it says “xxx accepted your trade” with 0 min left

(Mbergmaier) #8

same issue with me, have still two trades with 0 Min left :slight_smile:

(Mbergmaier) #9

right now trading doesn’t work anymore!!

(Mbergmaier) #10

Work again, thanks!

(Greenfaery) #11

The same 2 things are happening to me. It said that I was going to get the extra 3 cards but never did and my timer has been going weird. I hope they can fix it.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #12

The free pack timer is acting up for me too. I should have gotten a new free pack 20 minutes ago. Last night the 3 bonus packs were delayed, but later turned up. Also, when I accepted one trade offer some hours ago, the notification lingered in my message center for some minutes, before it vanished.

(Qazyn) #13

Experienced a version of the timer issue each of the last two days. 9+ hours after last opening packs, went to check in the morning, and there were 5 available, with 10 - 30 mins left on the final one.

Yesterday, I just opened anyway, figuring it’d only be a few minutes to get that last pack, but the free packs from the streak made the system think I was full, and the timer reset. Today, I’ll just wait.

(Darklinkrises) #14

I checked the timer during work … instead of 8 free packs (total) I received 3.
At home I just don’t close the tab and the timer seems to work good and I received my free pack last hour …

(Bannerman) #15

After the whole night (at least 6 hrs) I had only 4 free packs and no additional 3 free packs this morning! Where are they gone?

(Varactyls) #16

In 5 hours I got 2 free packs, again. The daily streak seems to be working. This issue seems to be worse at night for me. I’m using the web interface on ipad or desktop. Really hope this gets fixed soon.

(Qazyn) #17

Update: worked as normal overnight tonight. This is a very odd quirk in the system.

(Bowsercookies) #18

-_- streak did not activate.

(Darklinkrises) #19

lol … had -1 free packs … I don’t get it …

(Ruygda) #20

No streak this morning, something is wrong with the site? :disappointed: