Halloween is here!

A lurid limited edition, a remarkable replica, and unlocked unlimited … Halloween arrived early to NeonMob with a bunch of spooky series to get you in the spirit :ghost:

Check out our Happy Halloween! category to see all the creepy series you can collect between now and October 31st!

Forsaken Forest - Game Cards by Forsaken Games
Forsaken Forest - Characters by Forsaken Games
Forsaken Forest - Scenes by Forsaken Games
Dictionnaire Diabolique by Lenticular
Dictionnaire Diabolique 2 by Lenticular
Play With Me! by Bart
Carnival of Curiosities by WallaBee

PS: Check out the “Spooky” pack tiers to see if you’re lucky :wink: … carat pack gives you a 50/50 chance on each of three cards to receive either a special card or a common; the credit pack give you 1 guaranteed special card and then a 50/50 chance on the other two cards to receive either a special card or a rare.

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I see where you state that carat packs give 50/50 chance per card to be Common/Special. . Just wanting to clarify, then, on the Spooky :skull: (carat) pack odds ; so it’s not guaranteed that you’ll receive a Chase card? I had just opened a Spooky carat pack for ‘Forsaken Forest: Scenes’ and only received 3 Common-tier cards, so it’s a little misleading where it says “All Packs” for both Chase and Common having not checked the forums for pack info.

I shall continue opening and collecting, thanks in advance for the clarification and Happy Halloween!

On the carat Spooky pack, there is no guarantee that you will receive a special card (chase or variant) as each card has a 50/50 chance between a common and a special. Some people have gotten only commons, some people have gotten only special cards … thus is the risk with the spooky pack. But at 13k carats, it’s a reasonably priced risk for the chance to walk away with even 1 special card for series that were formerly out of print and not available for collection.

On the Spooky credit pack, the first card you receive in that pack of 3 is a guaranteed special card. The other 2 cards in the Spooky credit pack provide a 50/50 chance of each card being either a rare or a special.

Joe @ NeonMob