Giving up on Darwin's Secret [RE]?

If you’ve decided to give up on Darwin’s Secret, I would be very much interested in your variants :slight_smile:
I need 18 more, and I’ll take duplicates if you don’t have a need.

It looks like they’re going to end around 100-150 count. So, I’ll trade any duplicate, common thru chase, in any completed set, that is 100 count or higher.

Joe - on a related note, I see you’ve re-released formerly unlimited sets. Is there any chance you would ever re-release this set? Or is that only for holiday series?

Happy trading all :slight_smile:

I am still collecting but I would be willing to help you in your variant quest … take a look at my collection and see if there is ONE variant you could poach from me (just send me a variant in a different LE series, dups are fine).

On unlocking unlimited series, are you asking if we would ever unlock a replica series? It would be highly unlikely that we would unlock a replica series once it’s collection time has passed … maybe after it had been out of print for a year or two, but there are no current plans to do so.

Joe @ NeonMob

Thanks Joe! That’s very generous. But I’ll hold off since you’re actively collecting. I might check back next week though, if you get any extras :slight_smile:

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