Ghost Hunt suggestions?

(GreenSpleen) #1

For fans of all things spooky, fun, Halloween-esque, and simply badass, what would be most exciting to you in a card series featuring ghosts that need to be hunted?

Would you be so kind as to share the weapons/equipment you would be stoked to handle as a β€œDead-tective?”

These questions are based off of my newest submission Dead-Tective Ghost Hunt. :smiley: :sunglasses: :100:

Thanks everyone!

(Loimprevisto) #2

At least one ghostbusters reference would be fun! You can also mix folk traditions with modern solutions like in Supernatural, so you could have cards for exorcism rituals with incense and salt and the like, along with thermal cameras and EVP recorders.

(GreenSpleen) #3

I appreciate your input! :+1:

(Carebear1646) #4

this is a list of items i have seen/heard of - - emf readers are the number one - thermal cams - evp - etc but this may help!