Found a "CollectorBot"

(Sima Seal4) #1

There’s a bot by the name of CollectorBot. I’m not sure if a bot is legal on this site, so I though this should be noticed.
I’m not 100% percent sure if this is a bot, not to mention the fact that there are some bots that are managed by neonmob( For example, Neonbot Maximus.) It could also be partially a bot and partially user controlled.
link to it’s profile:

The reason I think this is actually a bot is because

  1. It responded almost instantly to my first trade
  2. When it countered my second trade it wrote “tag: necro , girls” and I don’t think normal people do that.

(Mckayrulez) #2

I tried sending him a trade an it wasn’t instant, so that point isn’t exactly valid. lol
Also this profile used to have a different username just a couple weeks ago, so just cause him name is ‘bot’ now doesn’t mean much.

(JB) #3

Personally, I think this is a new user that may just be a bit active on the site - and this should have been something you sent to our community manager @vagrantscout directly - not potentially embarrassing a new member to the site since he decided to put bot in his/her name. We have users all over the world with all kinds of languages and diversity of backgrounds, so their response could be influenced by that too.

(Mckayrulez) #4

If you see a bot or a cheater usually they’re super easy to spot. Like having tons of trades where it’s giving/getting 5 chases for a silver and their always to one or two accounts. This peoples trades look mostly equal, typically one care at a time and to multiple people. The few where it’s 5 to one are actually balanced too. Though it’s possibly they’re getting better, who knows.
Edit: Btw he just got back to me for a trade 9hrs later. So yeah, not instant.

(Carebear1646) #5

I usually take any profile links I suspect as fraud and email them to (usually you find a couple when you really spot one)

I know they have ways to check what is and isn’t a bot - sometimes they are just awesome traders - othertimes it is totally obvious and you can find their other accounts as well - either way the support team always does the research and takes care of it =)