"Follow" creators

TLDR; A button to “follow” creators that lets us know whenever they make a new submission.

My idea is to give us a button (separate from Friends) that lets us “follow” anyone who has published a series (or maybe even has just made a submission, as the assumption is that they’ll finish it).

The point is that once I’ve “followed” a creator, I would get notifications whenever they publish a new submission. I also considered notifications just for finished series, but this will get more votes on submissions and the “like” function already gives a notification when a series is published anyway.

I’d like this because there are certain creators who only have great series that I’d love to collect ALL of, but I don’t always remember to check out the voting page, so sometimes I end up missing out on their releases!

(That being said, sorry if this has already been suggested - I looked through the forum and didn’t see it, but I haven’t been active here because I only now got to make an account (for some reason, it would not let me register/log in for the longest time). Thanks for any and all feedback! :slight_smile:)


I wish this was an option. :sparkling_heart: It would make things a lot easier. :+1:

@shadowmetaru That’s a really good idea. I hope this gets incorporated in a future update.

Really good idea. There’s a few creators work I love to collect and it would love to know when they publish a new series

It has been a while since I proposed this, but I also realized it might be worth it to clarify: the number of “followers” would not have to be visible, neither to the public nor the creator. It would be a personal feature, if you will, that only makes it so that you can view your followed creators/users.

It is up to the administration to decide if the creator alone should get notifications when they gain followers, or even have a follower list like the one with friends, so that they could perhaps mail everyone regarding their series issues or quitting or such - however, some users might not want messages even regarding their favorite creators.

Either way, I do not feel like it would be necessarily good to implement a follower count on anybody’s page, not necessarily even their own private view, to avoid feelings of inadequacy in those who do not yet have any or many followers. The series votes and series comments should already show enough. :slight_smile: