Fixing a Lost Streak

(Alex Dayz) #1

A small thing I’d like to see added is fixing streaks. Let me explain. Say your have a 29 day streak. The next day, you are super busy, and aren’t able to check into NeonMob. The day after, your streak is back to day one. Or is it?

My suggestion is you should be able to use crates/packs or some other way to fix streaks. The farther along you are, the more it cost to fix it. Let me know your thoughts, and any ways you think this could work.

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(Mckayrulez) #2

You only get a few packs extra as is, so using packs to fix it seems a bit counter intuitive. Besides the whole point of a streak is that you do show up everyday. Making a work around sounds like cheating.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #3

I wouldn‘t want to know, how many packs it would take me to fix my streak once I‘ve broken it, if your idea was implemented. NM‘s staff could add another streak milestone, though… :upside_down_face:

Regarding your suggestion, I fully agree with @mckayrulez.

(Alex Dayz) #4

Now that you two have given feedback I agree. I’ve just seen streak fixing elsewhere and thought it would be a nice idea. If something like that was implemented they’d have to completely overhaul the current system