Find collectors for trade

(faye) #1

i am:

here, you can post and find other collectors to trade with.
follow this template
link to collector profile: username, remove parentheses)
trader grade:
looking for: (state what you’re collecting or what series/cards you are looking for)
willing to trade: (do you trade any? dupes only? etc.)
other information:

feel free to make any changes to the template, add as you please. have a great day.

(faye) #2

link to collector profile:
trader grade: A+
currently collecting:
Beautiful Wishes II
Black Sketchbook
Jubi’s Cover Girls III
Cold Colors
Japanese Mythology
Scenery II
Love in the Wilting Garden
willing to trade: dupes of same or lower rarity.
other information: message me if you’re looking for anything in particular.