Finally Complete Series

Do you have any series that you’ve been after forever and finally made it to completion of the Full Series, including Chases and Variants? I’ve just finally rounded up the last variant for the ‘$k1n’ set and I had to /flex. Also, finally completing some of my Jubi’s sets, pretty rough since they’re OOP now, but rewarding all the same.





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Bruh I felt like that when I completed the Lost Realms series from a million years ago. First series I opened on here and it took me forever to get that last ER. Felt the same with Art of Devas, Colorful Birds, THEM, Magical Roses, The Road to Epoli, Snakes, Snails and Seadog Tales and a few more! We all gotta fLeX sometimes :slight_smile: Right now I’m working towards Dr. Moreau’s Creatures, Smoke & Neons, Winged Jewels and Tales of Viridis (Weaponry).


It’s a short one but it took me forever to complete fallen faces!
I just dont think there are may collecrorsnof that series so trading was scarce