Fair trades in older sets

(dave d) #1

Looking for fair trades on older “classic” sets for which I have at least a card. I’m definitely open for grays, greens and blues. I have a lot of duplicates, would like to put them to work.

By fair trade I mean the relative rarity, card count and set desirability need to be congruent.

Also, by desirability, dinosaurs, dragons and star wars cards are their own thing. You can blame this on an invasion of hoarders which appeared a while back from Topps SWTC.

For newer sets, looking for Inklings 2. It’s now out of print and has an actual trade value lol.

Update: so far, this has been interesting. Basically, the only thing people want is Orphanage. This is a set that when it was in print, was really hard to trade, nobody wanted it. But I don’t really have that many good dupes left in Orphanage, so not inclined to trade these now.

I have loads and loads and load of dupes in other sets, and dozens of sets which lack grays, greens and blues. These are what I’m mostly interested in. I don’t need to put up a forum post to attract trades for super valuable cards. I get loads of those offers all the time.