Duplicates owned by inactive accounts

(Kristen Murphy) #20

In my suggestions above ^ the person with the hoard has not been in any way punished beyond the crappy F grade. I only suggested perks for those OCD collectors that want a completion of 100%. I don’t think this should be done for variants, only cards that count towards the 100%. If you are a hoarder and you do not trade them away, that’s your prerogative, but there should be other options opened up for people that want 100% - like the limited filtered print release, or placeholder idea.

For people that do not participate and never trade? - different subject entirely, but since someone brought it up -> I think there should be a different tier for them. It’s like PvE or PvP - usually on different servers. Or raiders vs casual - usually different guilds and access to different gear/rewards. I think that if you are an F player, and stay F, you should be limited in something… maybe the number of free packs each day goes down after three weeks or some such. I have no idea what, but they definitely shouldn’t be on my trade list to wade through.

People with A+, or who accept incoming trades, or counter them regularly. People who actively push the decline button, and not letting things expire? There could be “streak” counts. “You’ve accepted 10 incoming trades in a row! Amazing job! Here is a pack” – wow that is awesome, why thank you yes I have been accepting all trades haven’t I? Or “Hey you have offered 3 trades in a row, good job! Want to brag?” or “Congratulations, you have made 5 trades today, here’s a credit”

Or, my favourite suggestion: “Hey you’ve been grade A+ for over a month. Good job! You have been granted access to the GOLD artwork of this one pack that is only opened for people with A+ for over a month” or “You have been C+ for over a week, good job! Here is access to a few new artists because you have maintained a good standing”.

You know who else offers streaks and perks and rewards? Every game. Every job. Every school. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Djimenez) #21

Perks are another thing altogether! I agree wholeheartedly with these suggestions. These ALSO help with the promotion and support of the Creators here. This is also a much better route to take as a possible incentive/solution for people to stay active. I’m all for special packs and what amounts to Foil Inserts and specialty packs (like in the old days…). This is one very real way that Virtual Card Trading has an advantage over physical collections.

Until that becomes an option - I’m happy that something like Neonmob is available at all and hope to hang out for a while before I hit the great Inactivity Icon in the sky… Maybe I should add this to my living will? Otherwise imagine all the stuff people will think of me :smiley: make sure someone logs in for me every once in a while.


(JB) #22

I think the piece I keep not seeing is that some people are actively buying packs - meaning they are spending their real life $$$ for these items. If they don’t want to trade extras away that is their choice, and they shouldn’t be socially pressured - bullied - into letting their extras go.

Also, I know how frustrating it is to get a decline when you feel you made a fair offer. I try to do my part and send a quick reply, especially if a user has only a few hundred prints.

What I find frustrating and annoying is when people send me an ok trade and then message me “you have four (copies)!” I know what I have, and it even reminds me in the trade. Just because I have extras doesn’t mean you are entitled to them!

Finally, some extras I am saving for a “rainy day” when I really want a hard to get print from another set. Sometimes users aren’t waiting for a fair trade, but the right trade!

TL:DR - don’t try and bully people out of their extras, and be courteous and considerate!

(Whitney Ricketts) #23

ALL THE GOLD STARS for the spirit of this feedback @silvermelowldy — perfectly phrased.

(Kristen Murphy) #24

Neonmob giving people who want 100% the ability to do so via replacements, or limited releases of cards with a different filter, etc., without removing other people’s prints is a really good solution. It doesn’t pressure anyone into anything. Plus, if you have multiple copies and aren’t trading them, that’s fine your grade will go down as per usual and people will know… but people who actively try to participate in the community getting perks doesn’t affect people who don’t participate negatively in anyway. It just means people who are trying to be active and have a good grade get bonuses or perks, which keeps artists and collectors invested in the site.

omg foils is such a great idea!!

I think the replacement gem cards that let you get 100% is also viable for OCD collectors though. I mean people who like to get everything together and have everything but are being hampered doing so by people keeping so many copies of limited cards isn’t fair. If they want to, fine, but then give those who are being unfairly punished an other option for getting 100%… there are many out here that would eventually get fed up with frustration over never finishing collections because of the sea of F rated members with multiples of the same card. Look at Lost Realms for a really good example of this happening right now.

(Lady Erone) #25
  • then surely adding more to the community breaks the entire notion of editions that are supposed to be ‘Limited’? (That and if people JUST wanted the art for the sake of the image, they have the interwebs, a screen-shot function/cut and paste, rightclick save etc function and a hard drive to fall back on anyway?)

On the note of “over 1 copy” - i get requests to trade cards most days from people that have 5+ copies (20+ in some cases…) of cards, that are seemingly JUST hoarding for the sake of it by your definition? People collect what they want, and what they like - it is kinda hard with it all being virtual (unless ya order prints etc of course =p ) to get the ‘feel’ for having a wad of cards in your mitts, but it just seems almost every person who smacks me up with a trade has 5+ of each card minimum, and wants the one i have 1 of, yet they themselves have 5+ of… People collect what they want as per the rules set out

Also, and no offence here - if someone PAYS for a card especially, why would you give THEIR virtual property away, with or without telling them? - someone tries to give away my RL cards (some being worth hundreds of squids) from my non-virtual collections and they lose their appendages - sorry, it just seems damned wrong outside of the interwebs, and the same should apply here otherwise, why is this system in place for the trading/collecting side of things? - i am sure you wouldn’t like to return after a long abscence to find your bits and piece missing or with a ‘placeholder’ saying “Sorry, you were not online last month, so tough luck, we gave your cards away to someone hawking after it” or to the artists putting the artwork into LIMITED editions to then find out that their LIMITED runs (that they agree too when setting it all up for use) is now being thrown out ther again without any kind of permission other than “someone wanted it, tough” ?

/meh =p

(Inkandberry) #26

Lots of good replies.

I’m now not such a n00b and have found myself on the other end of the table on some trades. I did buy a bunch of packs of a series that had no more free packs, because it was too good not to. And I’m currently unemployed, and the Canadian dollar currently sucks. So I don’t want to let those hoarded prints go for just about anything.

So I am more accepting and practicing patience these days. If a very special print I really want becomes available in the long term future I now have (hoarding) some good prints to offer in a trade.

(Lady Erone) #27

Sounds like ya in a similar position to me here - can’t work due to health issues, hence unemployed = unable to blow cvash on much stuff out of the ‘needed’ daily rhetoric :wink:

Patience ftw!!

(Tessaract2) #28

I think: Accounts inactive over a year should have all duplicates gone, but also get an extra free pack for every 3 cards lost. These “lost cards” would be given randomly to the Gumpie bot traders. This solves all the issues.

(Teaandmilk) #29

there should be permanent ownership of cards unless the owner comes back to neonmob and trade them. stop thinking of ways to forcibly rip cards away from people who own them just because there are some who think they are entitled just because they want them. It doesn’t matter how inactive they are, or how many dupes they have, it’s still their cards. Also, I would not trade more than commons for free packs to be honest. Sure, I love the excitement of opening them but there is no way you can pry my cold, dead fingers from my sold out dupe ers for a mere free pack from new series where I might get nothing but commons.

People who dont trade at all but have have dupes of what you need
(Wgmeets) #30

Who is this gumpie bot and what does he do in neonmob?

(JB) #31

Totally agree with this! I don’t understand how some users think it is ok to think of ways to bully or steal people’s digital property.

(Lyklex) #32

I think it’s no one’s right to steal cards/packs from anyone whether they were paid for or not.

The only feature that SHOULD be made is to turn your trading off, and autmatically turning it off after a week of inactivity.

(Tessaract2) #33

Maybe this is best.

(Steph) #34

On some other collecting platforms (e.g. Wallabee) it is made clear that if you don’t use your account within a year (or 18 months if you pay real world £££ for something) then your account will be deleted and the cards returned to the pool. This is just the way it is over there, no one seems to think it’s a big deal…

(Eiriee) #35

I like that idea, turning the trading off after a week or two weeks of inactivity. Especially if coupled with a feature to remove people from the list of traders who aren’t trading

(Fenris Baggins) #36

I personally really don’t like this idea. I mean yes it’s frustrating when people go inactive BUT you don’t know the circumstances to why, it may be out of their control. There was over an entire year that I couldn’t access the internet at all, not to my fault and if that happened again somehow and I lost my cards I would be so frustrated and depressed. Just because they haven’t been on for a year or so doesn’t mean they should get their account turned off, it could be something that’s entirely out of their hands.

I do however like the idea of the site going in and turning off trade for them if they’re not on the site for say a month or so.

Also that might not either be a reason why someone’s ignoring another’s trates. My Neonmob is glitching to the point of SOMETIMES I’ll see if I have a trade offer and I ended up going down to an f for ignoring trades. I now have to check for trades via email only cause they won’t show up on site, it’ll just tell me that I have no trade messages even though there are some, even the old trade messages don’t show up when they’re supposed to, the whole thing shows up empty.

(Denieru) #37

I agree, the abandoned accounts must be disable in one moment or another, 1 year of inactivity for example, could grant termination of the account and the recycling of the cards, recycling makes the world cleaner! ^^

(JB) #38

Cards really cannot be recycled, as really old accounts will have prints from sets no longer in circulation. Also, if the user purchased packs, then they should be entitled to hold the digital copies they collected, especially since there are no current terms of service on neonmob for closing accounts after any duration of perceived inactivity. Just because users don’t trade or open packs may not mean they are inactive. It may simply mean that they collected the sets they like and are not interested in current releases. They could log in every day and look at their prints and we would never know.

Please, just please everyone stop trying to “recover” or “rescue” prints from inactive users. All this really is, is looking for a way to get others to give you what you want, or taking it since they “aren’t around”. Some things just have to be admired from afar.

(mtso 💣) #39

I recently started collecting on neonmob again after more than a year year. In that entire year, I had trade emails completely turned off because I knew that I would never get to them during that time.

I completely disagree about retaking cards from inactive accounts in any way no matter how long. While it is definitely frustrating to see an inactive account hold multiple duplicates of a card from a sold out series that you need; the ability to retake cards from abandoned accounts would undermine the value of the cards. That some cards will forever be locked because of being a duplicate in an inactive account adds to the card’s soft rarity (the rarity of the card aside from the gem assigned to it).

I think the trading search system is a little annoying though when they put trade-disabled accounts in the top ten of the list.