[DONE] Giving Away Everything in Small Inventory

(Sriracha Mayo) #1

Hello :slight_smile:

I started collecting cards sometime this month (during finals week lol…) and have managed to complete some sets, with a total of ~1.3K. I love this site and have had a lot fun but I need to start focusing on other activities.

Send me any # of trades for anything you want. I don’t have much but maybe you’re missing a card or want a full set from a series you haven’t collected yet. Happy trading, happy holidays, happy almost 2018, and thank you!

Traded away a good amount of chase and other rarity cards. For now, the Chase are on hold until my first friend who helped me start out on NeonMob comes back on ^^ I want to be of some help to him if I can. The other stuff are fair game though!

Trading with the last person now. Thanks for everything :smile: