Doesn't say I accepted trade

(Sima Seal4) #1

Some person “Betsi” Offered me a trade.
It was some normal 1 C for 1 C trade.
I accepted it.
But now this is what it says on my neonmob trade/messages bar:
but this is what it says when I actually click on the trade:

See? It doesn’t say that I accepted in the messages part, but it says I accepted in trade part!
Although this isn’t the end of the world (I can quickly get back my trader grade once the trade expires) I thought that this could get (in the future) worse.
Anyone have any ideas on how this happened? Or perhaps encountered this bug before?
Edit: At first, I tried to reload the page. Didn’t fix it. However, for some reason… The bug has disappeared after a few minutes!

(7nik) #2

The same happened to me 20 minutes ago and now everything looks okay but I haven’t incoming trade to test it again.

(Peopleschampion) #3

That happens when the page doesn’t load completely, you accept the trade but don’t get an alert, sometimes the trade remain active and if you load it, appears just like that. The trade is done, don’t worry.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #4

@sima.seal4 … thanks for bring this to our attention as this could be really confusing for collectors. As @peopleschampion mentioned, this happens when there is a lag in page loading but it was also something that was suppose to be rectified with a recent update that was to redistribute the load should pages would populate more quickly. I will get this back on the board :slight_smile:

Joe @ NeonMob