Does anyone else collect certain numbers?

(One) #1

I think you can guess what number I collect, also a thing I find funny is that Neonmob lets you have a name 2 characters long but on the forum you need 4.

(Mckayrulez) #2

No, because it’s just a number. While I understand some tiny appeal of it, the added annoyance it creates is ridiculous. These types of traders always send me awful trades thinking there fair. I’m sorry but a common 200 does not equal ER 200 no matter how much you want it to. :roll_eyes: It got so bad that I had to change my bio specifically to tell them to stop sending me those types of trades. :unamused:

(One) #3

Oh my god that’s terrible!

(Wyando) #4

Honestly, I am quite happy that NeonMob isn’t not “about numbers”. The rarity of cards is what makes it interesting. :slight_smile: (beside the art of course!)

If you are all about numbers, you should give a try. They also have released some of their series here in NeonMob, so you can look if the art appeals you. But be assured, the gameplay is completely different… :smiling_imp:

(Musicjax) #5

If I am remembering correctly, numbers used to matter a little bit more because it was a randomly chosen number out of the pool instead of increasing upwards. Now it isn’t really random so its not like you get excited when you get a #6 or whatever. Though I don’t remember anyone actually being snobby about numbers back when series were limited.

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