Discarding... cards... series

(Wyando) #1

As it has been a while that this has been discussed (last year as it has been introduced as far as I can tell), I see that one can discard cards (and getting points for it). So, still being a newbee and having opened every opportunity I had (also from redeeming links introducing a new series), I quite soon found out, that
a) I will not collect everything
b) once I have opened a pack, I can discard those cards (or, of course, first trying to crosstrade them)
BUT, I am stuck with the series in all my lists (website as iOS app).
Which wonders me, because what is the purpose of having a series in your list which shows “0%”?!
Also, these series DO appear in trade windows, and players DO offer cards for them, although it will be most likely that if a series has 0% of cards, one will not collect them at all.
a) could it be possible to get rid of those 0% series?!
or (if that is not possible for whatever reason)
b) could at least all 0% series disappear from the trade lists?!

Or am I missing something in regard with this?!
Cheers, Wy

(Sima Seal4) #2

This is a known bug which is currently (I think) being fixed. @vagrantscout can confirm this.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #3

This is a bug that appeared after our last update between July 23 - 25 … we are currently working to resolve this site wide issue so all users will have those 0% series removed soon. Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob