"Day One Carat" pack was a waste of carats

So I just opened several packs of ‚Mythic Creature Collection VIII‘, after I wasn‘t able to open any packs of that series at all yesterday, when the series had just been published. I first opened the 3 free packs and one or two ‚25K‘ carat packs. Then I noticed the ‚Day 1‘ carat pack and after comparing the pack odds, I opened the one available ‚100K’ carat pack. On the odds it said, that at least one extra rare card was garantied. Well, all I got in that pack were two commons, two uncommons and two rare cards. Here‘s the NM link:


I‘m quite disappointed with the turnout of this pack. It feels like a complete waste of carats. If you garanty an extra rare card in such a pack option, then you really should give the user such a promised card. Right now, I don‘t want to open any more packs.

Which cards have other collectors drawn from this pack?

I had the same experience with the Surrender Comics - Signature Series and once with Gaberbochus Silvis when I got only rares (which were the lowest rarity for that pack) … i was disappointed too, but with the 1 day 100K carats pack from MYTH 8 I got 2 chases and one ER in it, and in all the other series that had this option I usually got high rarity cards like all ER or ER and Chases. So i guess you just had really bad luck with that one.

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