Curation problems

(Sherri Keller) #1

I’m not sure the term used for this part of the website, but I was trying to update my… header images? The 8 card curated thing at the top of my collector page. When I click Replace on an image and just scroll down and select something, the image will change correctly.

However, when I use either the search feature, or choose one set from the dropdown list, some wonky business starts happening. Changes aren’t obvious immediately, and sometimes cards from different sets are pulled in, as you can see in the pictured example. I selected only images from Boas Festas, and this is the result after I refreshed. The BF cards shown are the correct ones.

I’m running the current version of Chrome if that matters.

(Sima Seal4) #2

I noticed this too, a while ago. I thought it was exclusive to chrome on IPad’s. You are not alone!

(Joe @ NeonMob) #3

This is a known issue and this hasn’t been working correctly for a while, but it’s pretty far down on the priority list. It’s universal and affects all users regardless of system. It’s on the board for 2019 once a bunch of other things are updated. - Joe @ NeonMob