Crazy Carat cost of Gabberocchus set

I pray I never see another set like this!
It left me rather flat footed. I had over a million Carats the morning this set started. I had fewer than 175K that evening and the set was far from complete. By trading I got be thru completion of the core set the following day but with so many variants, I’ll never finish those.
The previous few WallaBee sets have been a rather large departure from the norm and this Alice set goes to extremely disconcerting territory. I fear I feel my ability to continue collecting will be in serious jeopardy.
Thanks for all the fun until now!
With all sincerity,
Chucks Ghost


Agreed! I didn’t even start collecting that set. It would only have lead me to frustration, and for at least a few reasons. :roll_eyes:


At least we have some time (for now) to collect them before the Base Packs run out. I’ve had bad luck with Best Packs and have only seen 3 Variants after nearly 2 million sunk. I won’t be running out of carat sources any time soon though, so it shouldn’t be too bad long-term if it stays around and doesn’t overlap with another one like it.

Hej Chuck, out of curiosity, did you pay attention of the carats reward you got in total for the core set?

As mentioned in the “Most Curious Series Indeed Thread”, I passed on this one (although I would have loved a complete set of this), due of the “carats” as also of the “blowing up that set” with rather dumb cards (and I don’t speak of the variants, I speak of the additions B/W cards).
By my calculation and experience, I wasn’t able to complete the core, let alone with chases and variants.

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This is a fixed card count set that is quite large, so it should give most people plenty of time to complete it at their leisure. Joe said it will be a while before another carat only set will be released, so keep some carats for special pack deals and spend the rest here.

I completely agree about the B/W cards. Yeah, this series is okay, but it just doesn’t seem worth the carats, when the majority of the cards are just repeats with an almost barely noticeable slight colour change. This type of artificial series bloating has been slightly disconcerting me lately, on several recent series… :frowning:

Sure about that?

Ok, the series is running for 26 months. That may solve the problem for the carats needed. And you need luck. As always. But at the end, only the number of cards for the rarerst cards are the number of players who can complete the series. (for the the core set, that will be the number of extremely rare cards, and if you want them all, it will depend on the number of chases and/or variants available).
Completing limited series can be like chasing a ghost: you open and open packs, but never get that last or the last few you need for closure.

I hear you say: you always can trade.
Indeed, you can… if you find dupes (the rarer the cards the rarer the dupes) and if the player is still active (I see a lot of series with paid packs more than a year old for which I barely can find an active player who has kept his dupes. And if I find one, you mostly don’t have any cards which they want for it…). So at the end if comes down opening packs, not knowing if the card you need is still available through packs

So, most chances to complete this series is throwing all your carats - if you are lucky to have enough of them - NOW into this set and hoping for the best. NOW you may have the best chances to trade equally. A year from now, you probably will struggle for completion…

Also, carats are limited. You can’t buy them (like credits). You can only earn them by completion of series (good thing) or discarding cards (bad thing in my opinion, as it reduces the dupes one could trade for at some point).
So to earn more carats, you would be forced to collect (and discard) series you don’t like, don’t care about. But you rather would spend your free packs (and especially your paid packs) on series you do like. Also, you would get offers to trade for cards for those series you don’t like (as you collect them just for carats then), which you probably will not give your “good” dupes for it.
Which means that building up carats takes time, a lot of time. And playing Neonmob every 6 hours, each day to get the most free packs resulting in fast completion resulting in getting carats.
Only: I doubt that everyone is such a hardcore player…

So my bet is, that there will not be that many players with a completed series.
(In comparison to available cards and number of players)