Core Functionality Update Announcement - May 2018

(Joe @ NeonMob) #1

We have been teasing for months now that big changes are coming to NeonMob … well our development team has been hard at work and we are about to start updating some features!

Many of the changes are significant and we don’t want to rush it. Anticipate a slow rollout over the next couple months as we make sure to get everything right. Here is a brief overview of the changes being implemented:

  • Revised pack tiers for unlimited sets
  • Limited edition sets coming back!
  • Instead of points automatically awarding freebies, you now can store them i your “Points Bank” and spend when you want to
  • Points will be awarded for completing milestones and series
  • Your progress towards milestone achievement and completing a series will be displayed while opening packs
  • All sets will be assigned a difficulty rating (extensive ratings and methodology details to follow once launched)
  • Upon completing a series, your rank (order of completion) and time (duration from first card collected to base series completion) will be displayed
  • Leaderboards coming soon

A few more things:

  • ‘Series in common’ filter will be added to the trade screen
  • Messaging will be added to iOS

Minor tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Discarding values will be adjusted
  • Trade partner logic will be adjusted
  • Additional small bugs will be fixed

Pretty exciting stuff, huh? Many of these changes came straight from community suggestions and feedback … so thank YOU for helping make NeonMob better!

@neonshawn and I will provide as much additional details as possible following implementation of each new / revised feature. Just keep an eye on this thread for more information.

Have a question or comment? Let us know in a reply!

Joe @ NeonMob

Trade Suggestion
(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

(Nick Barrett) #3

These are huge changes! Can’t wait to see them! Super EXCITED!

(Lafwyn) #4

I’m so excited!!! This sounds sooooo good!!!

I love the “Points Bank” idea and the fact that a rank and time of completion will be dsplayed! I’ve always been curious about that kind of thing! I will certainly give a lot more alternatives for fun! Can’t wait to try it out among friends and see who’s “the luckiest” or “the fastest trader”!

Kudos to the development team! And also to you, amazing Joe, for listening to our suggestions and always keeping us informed!

(Bunnypoppop) #5

Excellent, my suggestion is in there and everything else looks great, can’t wait till it’s all implemented!

(Gorbachev) #6


This will save so much time.

(Arbiter) #8

Wow my suggestion “common series”" was finally implemented. Thank you so much! Trading will be much easier now. If you could also include the most recent activity to filter the inactive collector this will be more efficient especially when you are collecting old series.

(Sima Seal4) #9

The series in common thing doesn’t fully work for me :frowning: It marks sets I once collected but now have 0% of as series in common.
soooo… bug?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #10

Yes this is a known bug we are working to resolve.