Copyright for artists or no?

(Kittenbrains) #1

Ok so ive read through the faq checked the help center and even skimmed the forums, but i honestly have not found anything. (Honestly i may be having a blonde moment and scrolled past it so im double checking)

I would like to sumbit an idea for a pro series my issue is what happens with the copyright for the series? Do i hold the rights to the series or will neonmob have it?

I dont really want to submit a series without the an answer to this because id love to be able to make a popular series and make separate art around it as prints and what not.

(Lisaa) #2

We used to have the option to give away all the rights for more royalty, but nowadays you keep the rights to your art regardless, so you can sell prints outside of neonmob :slight_smile:

(Kittenbrains) #3

Well thats good news thanks for telling me :smile: