Completing some sets and purging others

(Iboo) #1

I have quite a few series that I want to complete but am finding it a little difficult going through all of them and finding people to trade with, so I thought I would post here.
Here is my profile: iBoo
I have a list of all the things I’m collecting and purging there. I’m happy to trade any duplicates I have.

The list is really long but here are some of the series I really want to start/ finish:

  • Duality Deck+Red dot
  • Neon Daishi
  • Pink and Blue + Little Cupids (Starting from scratch)
  • Pinkerton Little Big Adventures (Starting from scratch)
  • Portraits of the future
  • Creepy Sweethearts 1&2 (Core collected)
  • Need a hand? (Core collected)

I appreciate any trades, and am happy to take into account the card count differences and things between old and new sets!

(Dorothee Rudolph) #2

Thank you for the trades and have fun with your new cards! By the way, have you seen this new series on cats, that just got published some days ago? I love the beautiful illustrations and I think, you might like it as well. The NM message system is buggy for me again and doesn‘t let me paste something into amessage, so here‘s the link to that mentioned series:

(Iboo) #3

Oh, it’s so pretty, I do like it. Thank you again for the trades and the suggestion! :grinning: