Collectors who will trade *ANYTHING*

(Marielou Pascua) #22

I would like to be willing to trade any cards.

(Highly Disturbed 420) #23

Have lots of Dupes for trade! Equal fair trades only please!! I want cards that I don’t already have. There are a few extremely rares I’m looking for to complete some sets…Let me know if you have them and you are willing to work out some kind of deal!!

(Suneenough) #24

I don’t have many cards, but I will happily accept any fair trade for dupes, and bulk trades of commons would be very welcome. If I have something you just really need, feel free to ask me even if it’s not a duplicate, but I will probably want a bit more for it.

(Jaegis) #25

Hello new users, this thread is about people who will accept fair trades no matter what, even if the cards are from amateur sets or from sets that no one really collects, so unless you don’t mind random trades asking for your dupes in exchange for cards from sets you aren’t collecting, then you might want to make your own forum post instead!

(Loimprevisto) #26

Cian’s Trading Emporium will accept any fair trade. He has a small list of collections that he will only trade duplicates from, but everything else is fair game! Has lots of packs available too! He prefers not to trade his pro cards for amateur sets.

(Suneenough) #27

I don’t mind people asking to trade whatever trash for my dupes, but I’m probably going to look at the card count to determine if the trade is fair. If someone tried trading a card with limited supply for a rarer card with unlimited copies, I will probably reply “Please add ∞ cards from that set if you want me to accept, otherwise the trade is not fair.”

(Jaegis) #28

Definitely! I was just making sure as I didn’t want some of the more recent posters to get trades for sets they weren’t collecting, because from the phrasing of some of the posts, it seemed like they were just trading normally (trying to complete sets and keeping the cards they didn’t want for fodder) and thought this thread was another opportunity to find other traders.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #29

Thanks for creating this forum thread! Thanks to this thread I found @turtleguyy and did several trades with him.