Collectors who will trade *ANYTHING*

(Loimprevisto) #1

Everyone on NeonMob has a different idea of what they enjoy about collecting and trading and how they want to improve their collection. I’ve met a few folks who are interested in everything and will accept all sorts of fair trades. Please post here if you or one of your friends accepts trades from ANY series.

I think of traders like this as the “brokers” of NeonMob, and being able to make trades like this really helps to keep your collection liquid and be able to exchange your duplicates for other series that look interesting.

Jay Marcum - Will accept any fair trade. Aside from Found Film Society, Kingdom Animalia, and Vintage Travel Posters, singles of everything are up for trade!

Jens Hvild - Accepts any series in exchange for his duplicates. Loves bulk trades of commons and will eventually own every common card in NeonMob :smiley:

Amanda Jain - Accepts any series in exchange for her duplicates

Lap Fung Lee - Accepts any series in exchange for his duplicates. Actively trades away rarer duplicates :slight_smile:

turtleguy - Accepts any card he doesn’t have in exchange for his duplicates.

(Astroasis) #2

Psst! I’m pretty sure Jens is a guy :wink:

(gugustiuc) #3

Besides Jens Hvild I have someone but they haven’t been active in a week and they have a D+. :thinking: Lap Fung Lee

Thanks for the recommendations and I’ll make sure to return to this topic if I find others.

(Loimprevisto) #4

Psst! I’m pretty sure Jens is a guy :wink:

Corrected :slight_smile:

(Llf) #5

Oh yeah, I am back, sort of. Do come and see if I have any dupes you want! :grinning::v:

(Desativadof) #6

My friend Lucas Mendonca accept almost any fair trade even if the card is not duplicated. He’s not interested in most of the series at all, but ask him before to trade the cards that aren’t duplicated :wink:

(Lmcusb) #7

I will trade for anything fair.

(Zachary Nicoll) #8

I’ll accept any series in exchange for my duplicates. In most cases, as long as the rarities match up, I consider it a fair trade. You can find me here.

I think the only exceptions to that are Tinker’s, Pink and Blue, and any Prequel dupes I may have. They’re just too old, leave them be.

(Loimprevisto) #9

I couldn’t find this person by searching for “Lucas Mendonca”, can you give a link to their profile?

(dave d) #10

I’ll trade most any commons for dupes if it’s a fair trade. Greens and blues I’m a bit picker about. VRs and ERs I’m pretty picky, but to be honest, I’ve been getting a lot of boring offers for my VR and ER dupes.

I’ll even trade some Pink and Blue and Tinker’s once in a while.

The key here is Fair Trade.

Lately I’ve been declining most trades, the offers have been pretty bad.

(Desativadof) #11

(Moofmoney) #12

I am new here. Willing to trade anything if the offer is good.

(Netbug009) #13

I’ll trade my doubles for any fair trade!

(Rosenquarts) #14

I trade my doubles away to if the offer is fare.

(Negentropy) #15

I found a user named Xinxi who, according to his/her bio, will accept any fair trade.

(Bunnyzombies) #16

I will trade any of my dupes for a series that I ALREADY own. Even if I already have that card. I also have a list of series that I’ll trade away in my bio.

(Jens Hviid) #17

That is what most people do (trading their active sets). This thread is about traders which trade EVERYTHING

(Bunnyzombies) #19

Just pointing out that I’m the opposite but similar. Is this not a spot
for conversation? I’ll delete if not as I’m off topic I guess.
not the same. Lot’s of people respond with “I’m not interested in that
set” when offered a series that they already have. It’s nice to know
people’s simplified parameters before you waste a bunch of time looking
through their stuff. I’ve already accepted a ton of trades I would have
otherwise declined since I posted this. So I’m also challenging myself
to keep my list clean. It’s adding another element of fun for me.

(Persona Iv) #20

I also accepts almost any series so long as their a series I see myself attempting to complete at some point, in exchange for duplicates including rarer duplicates so long as its equal/fair trade. I also don’t mind picking up duplicates in exchange for one of my duplicates if you don’t think you have anything I would want. I’m big on trying to finish series that I like, although I am new. I just finished the butterfly collection which I’m excited about. So you can put me on that list if you like :smile:

(I had to edit this, I didn’t realize there were so many cards out there that I really wouldn’t want and series that I have no interest in at the moment. So I changed it to series that spark my interest. this doesn’t mean dont start a trade, your welcome to just that if there is a card I have no interest in I will search and see if you have a duplicate of a card I do have interest in )

(Tjblazer85) #21

I’m looking to trade my duplicates for any series that I find interesting or cool to look at. I’m also ok with trading non-duplicates if I’m getting a card or cards from the same series.