Collecting: looking/discarding

(Shellgames25) #1

hi guys i always found it tedious looking for members to trade on specific series hopefully NM admin will be able to improve this one of these days for now how about this-- let’s post series you are looking for or discarding and under those series people can link to themselves so if you are looking for that series you can directly go to that member to trade.

like if i want to trade away series A I can just post discarding series A so if those guys wanna trade away series A they can just reply with a link to them. what do you think?

(JB) #2

there is an old post named something like “post cards you’re looking for here” that did something similar to this, but I think that there are just too many sets to try and do this in one thread. Plus post eventually lock so users can’t update them once trades happen.

I like the idea of each set having a thread, but I think the forums is a bad place for it, as there are far too many series to do this for. Even sold out sets would need a thread as people still trade for them. And again with posts locking, this information wouldn’t be helpful over time.

The facebook group for this site did this well with the new releases, as we had a post each day, but member participation there isn’t as strong as it used to be,

I think it would be nice if each set’s page had some kind of discussion feature like that, but not sure how hard that would be to implement.

(Shellgames25) #3

yes, it would be good to have something like this. how did your facebook page work?, at least if you’re looking for a particular series it would be searchable…

(JB) #4

the group is neonmobsters, and there is just a post each day with the new sets - and people reply if they are collecting or not and include a link to their neonmob profile.

(Lisaa) #5

I’ve also thought about how nice it would be to able to discuss/comment on specific sets. Both for trading and for showing the artists some appreciation. It’s weird that submissions allow for comments but not finnished series!

(Shellgames25) #6

thanks, will check it out see if we have the same idea :smiley: