Collecting! HELP!

(Arcanamoon) #1

Hey! So I figured I’d post here with my updated collecting list, along with some specifics. Look below! My account name is ArcanaMoon, and I’ll respond to any trade within a day, more than likely a few hours. Not trading singles!


-Animal Spirit
-Arcanum Tarot
-Art of Devas (PLEASE! I only need F 01 Sarasvati to complete it!)
-Beautiful Wishes (This series is so gorgeous! I mainly need the VR’s, ER’s and variants)
-Cat Breeds
-Colorful Birds (Not to be mistaken with Colourful Birds, I need the two ER’s)
-Creepy Sweethearts II (Need just the chases)
-CRYSTALS (Need everything above VR)
-Dark Elemental (Need the ER and the chase)
-Dr.Moreau’s Creatures (Need the ER and a whole bunch of variants…I somehow got the chase)
-Dragons (Need a whole bunch of variants, chases and probably some ER’s…this series is huge, but beautiful)
-Elementals (Pretty much everything is needed, not gonna lie)
-Fractal Herbarium (Once again, pretty much everything is needed. It’s also so pretty!)
-Marbled Rabbits (Need an ER, a variant and all the chase)
-Mini Lands (A small series, just started collecting need the core and everything else)
-My Delirium (Need VR’s, ER’s and the chases)
-Mythic: Dragon Series I (PLEASE! I just need the ER Fog Dragon card to complete!)
-Pet Thought (Another small series that I just started collecting, need basically everything)
-Plants in Photograph (I require a small variety to complete this series, I believe they’re all core)
-Raggedy Animalia (Require a chase and a variant)
-The Road to Epoli (I loved the story that went with these cards! Please help me finish it! Need an ER and some chase)
-Smoke & Neons (PLEASE! I only need the chase Where it All Began card to complete!)
-Spirit World (Another small series that I just started collecting, need basically everything)
-Tales of Viridis (Weaponry) (I completed the original story one, would like to finish this too! Need both chases!)
-THEM (PLEASE! Only need the chase Demon card to complete!)
-Travels in Oil 2 (Need basically all the chase…anyone else who’s collecting this knows the struggle)
-Watercolor Dreams (Need two variants and a chase)
-Winged Jewels (This series is HUGE and I need just about everything!)
-Wu Xing: Chinese Elements (Need all ER’s and variants and then four chases)