Certain series not showing up in mobile search?

(Hopefully this is the right forum!)

I’ve been noticing that some series don’t show up on the app search, namely “Where stars are born” and “As big as mountains”. I thought that the problem might’ve been WSAB sharing the title with the cards’ names, but that doesn’t make sense for ABAM.

Is this a known issue? I tried to clear all filters to make sure, but nothing changed.

I’m able to look at the series details on desktop, I just tend to use the app for easy wishlisting!

Question: did you acquire these series via trade only? I.E. you never opened a pack of the series and all cards were attained through trading? - Joe @ NeonMob

I’ve got some cards from ‘Where stars’ through trade only, yes, and I was able to find it in my collection, just not in the search. I own no cards from ‘As big’. I was searching them for easier wishlisting, since the app lets you view sets you do not own.

Just tried myself. Opened series finder, entered “mountains” and the second result is one you seek. Does not work for the second series you mentioned, regardless to what category I select (out of print should be correct) or which word I am searching (tried “stars” and “where” and “born”).