Cards odds counting are wrong? [unlimited series]

(Jim Todd) #1


Looking at these odds, it means I open more variant cards, right?

What I got:
I opened 25 chase cards and only 19 variant cards.
And looking at other collectors to the same series It seems everyone owns so much chase cards and much fewer variant cards.

BTW this is happening with all the unlimited series I notice this problem a while ago.

(Sima Seal4) #2

This is because there is only one chase card and 30 variant cards.

This is because you were slightly lucky/unlucky. When you have a random game, there will be outliers.

(Varactyls) #3

I’ve noticed the same thing. If the odds are correct, then someone else must be doing reaaaally good with the variants to offset my bad luck :slight_smile:

(Lonelee) #4

I noticed the same but I have a theory: The displayed odds “1 in x packs” is just calculated to make it readable for the collectors. You cannot think of it like this would be the real odd to get some card. It depends how the roll is really programmed. The odds are displayed for for the complete rarity but that does not mean at first the rarity is rolled and then a second roll defines the card. I think there is only one roll and all cards are in the pot but each card can have a different odd even within same rarity. That makes it difficult to calculate the correct value for the whole rarity. I have seen series where the variants had very different total counts so the odds must not be the same for each variant card!

(Peopleschampion) #5

Those odds don’t take in consideration How many chases or variants are in a set. I’m guessing you’re talking about $k1n, The chase has 4000+ copies and most of those variants are around 150-170 copies, but combined there are more variants than chases. The odds I saw in my pull were more like a chase in 12 packs, a variant in 40 packs. I did finish but it took too many packs and carats.