Card Loaning Feature

(ms.tree) #1

I have a lot of series’ that I’m wanting to finish up just so that I can earn the points/badges from them – I’m not really interested in collecting or keeping the whole set, but since I already have the majority of the cards and am so close to completion it would be nice to do so and get the points. But, I don’t want to necessarily own those cards permanently.
I just need to acquire them until the set is complete, then I will be purging them asap.

There are old, out of print sets that I would like to complete, but the cards are ridiculously hard to come by and trade for (especially when I think – I don’t even want this card, I just need it for a bit then I’m done with it!)
For instance, in Without Details, I only need Ramona (ER) and Baymax (Chase) to complete the set. (And I HAD Baymax, but I traded it off before realizing I still needed Ramona. :expressionless::roll_eyes: Ugh. But anyway…) But I only want to keep a few individual cards from that series, and Ramona and Baymax are not ones I’m interested in keeping. And NO ONE has or will trade those cards. At least, not for anything I have or am wanting to give away.

I realize not everyone is like me and probably most people want to collect for keeps, but I think it would be really neat and potentially extremely helpful-- especially for the ones like me >~< – if there was some way to borrow cards from each other. There are TONS of hard to obtain cards I’d love to keep, too, but would be happy only borrowing so I can at least get completion points.

Just brainstorming, but it could work something like:
We request for a card(s) we need from an agreeable card owner. If the card owner accepts, the card is added to our collection. There is a time limit to the transaction and the card(s) are automatically given back to the original owner after a set period of time.

So say I need two cards, “Said Card” and “Other Card”, to complete a series.
I request Said Card from someone who has 2 copies.
They accept.
Their card collection could show as having 2 copies of Said Card, but 1 is marked as unavailable as it is “on loan” for X amount of days.
The card shows up in my collection.
I have X amount of days Said Card is in my collection, and therefore X amount of days to collect or borrow Other Card and complete my collection. If I do get Other Card while I have Said Card, my collection is complete and I get the points. Either way, Said Card is automatically given back to its original owner after X days. OR it could work where once our collection is complete any cards we’ve borrowed revert back to original owners, but that could take a lot longer.

There would probably have to be limits as to how many cards we could borrow at once, or at all… and only for out of print packs… or something. I know it needs tweaking but could something like this please be considered?

I’m fed up with these only-missing-one-or-two-cards out-of-print sets… :pensive: Borrowing cards would be SO helpful!