Can I see a history of points I've earned, and how?

(Kevins) #1

When I return to neonmob and see I’ve gained more points, I’d like to see how many I’ve gained through which goal completion. Where can I view this, if anywhere?

(Kyourine) #2

I don’t believe there’s a feature to see how the points were earned on the site at the moment. It’d be nice to have it though.

(Sima Seal4) #3

You can not so far view the history of points, I have seen more than 1 person asking about this once Neonmob Forums.

(Nick Barrett) #4

I aslo would like to see a ledger of what points I have earned and how.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #5

This is a good point, I have added it to our feedback log for internal discussion. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Astroasis) #6

In a similar vein, is there any way to see what number we finished a set (like 3rd or 10th or whatever) besides the pop up when we draw the last card we needed? When you finish a set via a trade, I don’t think the pop-up comes up to tell you what number user you were to complete it.

(Shawn) #7

Alerts for achieving milestones will return and include points awarded. There are no plans to include points earned through discarding in the ledger, but we may add that at a later date.

We’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback on the series completion rank and time feature. Leaderboards showing rank & time (as well as a few other things) are currently being designed. We’ll keep you posted on when they are in development and ready to be released.