Calling all Artists! Be a part of an official NeonMob Charity Set!

(Kassidirobertsart) #1

My Possibilities Charity Set on NeonMob

Hello, my name is Kassidi White. I am an artist and creator on NeonMob and am putting together a group of artists to collaborate on a set that will be released for charity. The proceeds will be going to an organization called “My Possibilities”, who help adults with disabilities in everyday life, learning, and extracurricular activities including art and more.

I am writing you today to see if you would be interested in creating 3 pieces of artwork for the series. The subject matter will be monsters or mythical creatures shown with a disability. While some disabilities are not physical, artistic interpretation can be used to show the mental health, etc. All disabilities must be depicted with grace and tact, not to be made fun of or be mean spirited in any way. This set is mean to be a celebration of uniqueness in adults with disabilities and the things they can achieve with the help of others and organizations like My Possibilities.

Detail Information

• Each artist will choose 3 disabilities from the given list and 3 monsters/creatures from the given list. The artists are free to suggest their own monster/disability if it is not on the list as well. Once an artist chooses their disability and monster/creature, it will be crossed off the list to avoid duplication.
• A new account will be created by NeonMob staff to represent the collaboration of artists. This account will release the set once finished so that proceeds will be funneled into the My Possibilities account correctly.
• NeonMob has also agreed to feature this set and create a Press Release push for it.
• Each artist that contributes will have their NeonMob Creator / Collector Profile linked in the description of each of the artworks they create.
• Once the set has selected all artists, a deadline will be given for the finished work to be completed by. You will be required to submit sketches for initial review for each of your chosen disabilities.
• There are NO royalties for the artists. This is STRICTLY VOLUNTEER WORK and ALL PROCEEDS will be given to My Possibilities to help fund their art programs and other extracurricular activities.

Next Steps

If you are interested in being a part of this charity set and understand the rules, please message me here on NeonMob or send me an email with the information below to with the subject line “NeonMob Charity Set Application” Once accepted, you will be sent a link to the disabilities and monsters / creatures that are still available to choose from. Once you make your choice, email or message me what you choose so it can be crossed off the list.

NeonMob Charity Set Application
NeonMob Creator or Collector Profile:
Previous Released Sets & Links (If applicable):
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My Possibilites Website:
My Posibilities Facebook Page:
My NeonMob Creator Profile:

View the possible topics to choose from here:
If you can’t see the forum post try this google docs link.


Kassidi White: Sleep Paralysis / Banshee | Fibromyalgia / Zombie | Degenerative Disc Disease / Skeleton Lich
Storm Wikham: Autism / Created Creature | TBD | TBD
Allen Blair III: ADHD / TBD | TBD | TBD
N7 Vega: TBD | TBD | TBD
Tom Candy:TBD | TBD | TBD
N Kern: TBD | TBD | TBD
Chris LeDoux: TBD | TBD | TBD
quila111: TBD | TBD | TBD

(Chris LeDoux) #2

Absolutely want to be involved in this!

(Chris LeDoux) #3 Here is my creator profile. Both my series are on that page.

(Erik Karlsson) #4

This is amazing.
I’ll be sure to collect it.

(Ark) #5

Awesome idea, and I’m glad the series will be featured! I’m definitely going to collect the series when it come out. If I could draw I would totally send in an application :wink:

(Amanda12321) #6

I love this idea! How creative! What sort of time line are you thinking? I’m not going to be available for any new projects until June so I couldn’t start right away. You can view my Creator profile which also links to all my social media to give you an idea of what I do:

(Kassidirobertsart) #7

We don’t have a direct deadline yet, but if we don’t have enough artists to cover all the subjects (3 each) by the end of June I’ll be asking the artists involved at that time to pick up the extra subject matter and finish it out. :slight_smile:

(Amanda12321) #8

That should work for me :slight_smile:

(Filo) #9

Are you still doing this? If you do, I’m in :smiley: