Building a Better NeonMob

(Quasarcat) #24

Oh my god, you just forcefully reminded me about that, and now I’m sad that I’ve realized this feature is gone :frowning:

(Jgiraffe) #25

I appreciate the hard work Joe! I would however like to voice my opinion that searching in set categories for out of print sets would be a nice filter to have so I can find all these awesome sets to trade for that I would otherwise have no knowledge of.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #26

Oh well then you will be pretty excited that I just initialized this category again … go all the way to the bottom of the Collect page and you will see the OUT OF PRINT category. This is automatically generated to show the most recent out of print series first so you may be scrolling for a while before you reach the end :wink:

As for other categories, I have been slowly working to redo all the categories so they can be easily updated to remove out of print series and insert new releases. Some category renaming and consolidation will also occur. I have already completed Series with 50+ Cards, Photography, Sketch & Paint, and Pixels & Sticks if you want a preview … been a slog but getting it done!

(Qazyn) #27

I’d actually like to be a voice against locking cards. NM is a card collecting and trading site, and if I don’t want to trade a card, I can always just decline an offer.

I do think it would be useful to add some sort of indicator if a card is a single copy that’s part of a complete set, but I don’t think a lock is necessary.

(Bowsercookies) #28

be nice if there was some sort of reward for all the packs we lost in the month long glitches >_>

also if no ones mentioned this, notifications a month ahead of time or something when a series we collect is about to go out of publication.

(Lafwyn) #29

Hi! First of all, welcome to NM!! I’m glad to see new collectors participating!
Once upon a time, there was a very dedicated user who was a programming wizard and he created the following extension which came to improve the NM experience a lot back when we didn’t have Joe and Shawn to listen so carefully to us collectors… Here’s the link:

With this extension instaled you can see what sets you and a possible trading partner have in common, as well as many other features such as filtering another user’s set list by how many cards they own on each set (<10 or >10)

I hope this is helpful!

(Lafwyn) #30

I shall offer a link to a previous answer of mine regarding this exact feature: Building a Better NeonMob - Summer 2017

I hope it helps while we get an official update on that front :slight_smile:

(Shawn) #31

Hi all,

I’ve been meaning to address sorting and filtering, though I usually don’t want to jump ahead too far, as we have a few features prioritized before advanced sorting/filtering will be implemented.

With that said, we understand the importance of advanced sorting/filtering, and I’ll keep you updated with its native integration on both web and iOS. Until then, though the Chrome add-on mentioned by @lafwyn isn’t officially approved by NeonMob, we don’t discourage using it.

Here’s our planned implementation of advanced sorting/filtering:

  • Your Collection page (web)
    ** This includes a redesign of the collection page to view all sets in your collection
  • Collect page (web)
  • Trade partner & Trade screen (web)
  • Collection, Collect, and Trade (iOS)

And here’s a sneak preview of the (not final) redesigned collection page with “all sets” view:

(Lafwyn) #32

Oh my!! That preview looks awesome!!! Thank you wonderful NM team for listening and implementing user suggestions <3
Also to you @NeonShawn and @vagrantscout for always keeping us informed and replying so diligently to all our concerns!

(Tabiyume) #33

I really appreciate what you guys have been doing too! It’s very helpful. And thanks lafwyn I’ll try the chrome add-on.

(Naud van Dalen) #34

I like how the collection page shows the rarities spread out across the filter instead of in a dropdown, because it allows for faster switching between rarities. Although now I can’t easily see how complete each rarity is, so it will cost more clicks if I have to try out all rarities.

Old filters:

Dropdown (different series):

New filters:

It does seem a little bit off, because it has a white background, but the series dropdown does not (until you click on it). I think it would look better if it was white all the time. It’s the same series dropdown as the one on the homepage, so that one would change too if this one is changed. This is not really important though.

What’s much more important is the fact that we still can’t filter duplicates of specific rarities. The duplicates button is still part of the rarities filter, even though the new design is perfect for adding it to the ownership filter. You can only see duplicates by selecting All Cards or Owned and there is no difference between the two. You can choose Unowned and x2, which makes no sense, so obviously it returns no results. x2 is a subset of Owned and Owned is a subset of All Cards, so there is no reason for x2 to be part of the rarities filter.

x2 is actually already within the ownership div in the HTML code, but it doesn’t work properly yet.

(Shawn) #35

The duplicate filter is intended to be an independent filter (meaning you can filter by duplicates and rarity). This will be addressed and corrected.

Regarding number of cards owned by rarity: this will be reintroduced in an upcoming publish. Keep an eye on the forums, as I’ll post a preview once we’ve settled on a final design.

(Who8mypnuts) #36

What’s with the new “trade” button? What happened to the owners/seekers buttons?

(Qazyn) #37

Looks like they’ve been combined into one. If you have a card, it defaults to seekers; otherwise, it defaults to owners.

(Who8mypnuts) #38

Yeah, I got that part. I’m saying I don’t like it and I want it back the way it was. :wink:

(Naud van Dalen) #39

They should make 2 tabs at the top: owners and seekers. That way you can switch between the 2. They could make the default just like it’s now: owners if you don’t have the card and seekers if you have the card, but at least you could switch between them.

(Naud van Dalen) #40

The collect page has vertical scrollbars for every category:
This makes scrolling slower if you hold your mouse over the categories instead of next to them, because you first scroll a little bit on every category before the page itself scrolls. On Firefox this is not the case. The vertical scrollbar is empty, but still exists, though.

It also does not look as good as if there was no vertical scrollbar, because the vertical scrollbar goes behind the right arrow.

This is what it should look like:

You should change overflow-y from visible to hidden and rename overflow to overflow-x (or just remove it, because when overflow-y exists, the horizontal scrollbar appears automatically) in the class horizontal-scroll-list–content. You could also change the height from 424px to 416px, so there is the same amount of pixels between the button and the scrollbar as there is between the image and the button, but that’s not really important and isn’t consistent between browsers (Firefox needs a larger height).
image should become image

This is what it should look like:

(Carebear1646) #41

glad to hear of this issue being fixed - I was just attempting to do some trades again today from the computer not the app and this was quite a pain

thanks again for staying on top of the issues

(Reyaldred) #42

I do like the idea of trading being made easier. Especially if options for narrowing down the people to trade with are made available. But I do want to point out though that combining Owners and Seekers into a single Trade button essentially has made it so that if you own the card you are looking to trade you can ONLY see seekers of that card. I frequently look at people who own the same card as me, especially if there is an “infinite” number of that card, just to see how many cards exist so far and how rare it is compared to other cards. Having the ability taken away to look at other owners of the same card I have is frustrating.

I’m just one person, but if other people are also have a problem with this, please consider changing it back or to something new that would still allow this option. Thank you.

(Howtosavealife) #43

Am I the only person finding trading more and more difficult? The combination of “owners” and “seekers” makes it difficult to check how many other owners there are of a card you own, making it more difficult to value cards.

Also, the changes in the “my collections” page… There used to be a nice little “06/24” etc. number which would let us quickly see how many cards of that rarity I have an need. Now I need to count them all individually. It’s a pain, especially when collecting larger sets.