Building a Better NeonMob - Summer 2017

(Carebear1646) #41

glad to hear of this issue being fixed - I was just attempting to do some trades again today from the computer not the app and this was quite a pain

thanks again for staying on top of the issues

(Reyaldred) #42

I do like the idea of trading being made easier. Especially if options for narrowing down the people to trade with are made available. But I do want to point out though that combining Owners and Seekers into a single Trade button essentially has made it so that if you own the card you are looking to trade you can ONLY see seekers of that card. I frequently look at people who own the same card as me, especially if there is an “infinite” number of that card, just to see how many cards exist so far and how rare it is compared to other cards. Having the ability taken away to look at other owners of the same card I have is frustrating.

I’m just one person, but if other people are also have a problem with this, please consider changing it back or to something new that would still allow this option. Thank you.

(Howtosavealife) #43

Am I the only person finding trading more and more difficult? The combination of “owners” and “seekers” makes it difficult to check how many other owners there are of a card you own, making it more difficult to value cards.

Also, the changes in the “my collections” page… There used to be a nice little “06/24” etc. number which would let us quickly see how many cards of that rarity I have an need. Now I need to count them all individually. It’s a pain, especially when collecting larger sets.

(Carebear1646) #44

yeah i am not really finding it any easier - the toggle switch is nice i guess though … i also agree on the count issue for the collections

also - i see we can wishlist stuff - where do we see our wishlist?? what if i want to remove cards or edit it?

(Naud van Dalen) #45

The wishlist consists of previously favorite cards that you don’t own and a card on your wishlist gets automatically converted to favorite when you own it. It’s visible on the favorites page on the tab Wishlist. This makes it easy to see if someone else really wants a card or just really likes a card they already own without having to click on it.


(Carebear1646) #46

Thanks - to be honest I didn’t even know about this favorites button/feature - so now I have explored! :grinning:

(Tabiyume) #47

One advantage of the circular percentage card display is that I can see the chases,which i appreciate. It has been easier for me to trade actually, though the wishlist doesn’t help much as I can’t, for example, search whose wishlist a certain card is in.

(Bunnyzombies) #48

I’m wondering if there is any update given on what the points idea might turn into? I’m excited about discarding, but am a little leary about it as I’m not sure what I’d be accumulating the points for. But ohhhhhh man if I could just clear out some of these ones and twos on series that I’m not interested in and can’t get anyone to bite on trades for!!!

(Cloud9) #49

post a purging list

(Joe @ NeonMob) #50

An update on points will be coming out in the next few weeks … still working out the details.

Regarding trades, I would follow cloud9’s advice and post a purge list on the forums with all the series you are trying to get rid of and those you are collecting and would accept trades on.

  • Joe @ NeonMob

(Ximuka) #51

I don’t know if this suggestion is mentioned in any posts but maybe have New list collection that lists the series that will be out of print by date? Along with series that have no out of print date which is a huge relief lol… So that I don’t have to panic and get the last minute packs :sweat_smile: Maybe the closer the out of print deadline is, it’ll likely appear at the top, indicating that it’s a priority to collect it immediately before it runs out. And the no dates on the series will just be at the bottom you know? Thanks!