BUG - not receiving free packs per hour?

(Zirukurt01) #1

It seems some users aren’t getting daily free packs after opening a series pack. How about the 1 pack per hour? Does anyone got nothing after hours?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

Yes, this is a known bug along with some other issues … Having weird issues … the team is spending 100% of its time working to resolve all issues. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Zirukurt01) #3

Now all of us are turned into Beta testers, not a big surprise.

(System) #4

@vagrantscout: Are we able to get visibility over the current set of issues or a view of your bug tracker? It would be great if there was an official way that site users could file bugs we encounter.

(Who8mypnuts) #5

I was just coming to the forums to see if anyone else was experiencing this. I’ve been having issues with the timer/freepack for weeks. Sometimes it works flawlessly, other times I only get 4 or 5 freepacks in 24 hours. It counts down, and then resets with nothing.

Being able to see the bug tracker and report new ones would be a great benefit if we’re going to have to deal with new things going into production without testing (ie we’re all beta testers now). :wink:

(Mollyfin) #6

I’m having this problem YET AGAIN.

(JB) #7

Shared this on the bug fix update thread, but thought this might help you too.

"This morning it was the same for me on mobile - however - when I clicked on sets I wanted to open packs for I had free packs.

In the end, my counter went to negative six.

So I had my packs, but I had no way of knowing until I clicked on open packs for a set."

(Veronica) #9

Aaaaand now i’m having this issue as well :confused:

(Cloud9) #10

here’s the fix that is working for me as suggested by someone on Neonmobsters - open a second NM page and switch between tabs until the packs appear. idk how the ap works, so maybe just a workaround for the

(Bowsercookies) #11

/sigh/ here we go again. I thought this was fixed. guess not.

(Tontonrider) #12

This sucks , I have no packs to open!?!?

(Bijou) #13

Same with me! No free packs since hours!!!

(Bijou) #14

Uuuppps! Right now as I returned from this forum site to the website of the game it showed me full free packs!