Bug: I'm seeing other people's trade notifications

(Gorbachev) #1

My trade alerts are showing other people’s trade alerts.

e.g. “Chained accepted Simplicity’s trade 13 hours ago”

I can’t view the alerts, but they’re littering my alerts. I have about a dozen or so of those on my alerts at the moment.

(Zachary Nicoll) #2

Yeah, same here. dislike

(JB) #3

Yeah we shared this on the Facebook group too and Tag is working on it.

Nothing logical at this point, but he has been collecting the trade codes from the urls to see if a pattern can be discerned.

What he said is that when you click on them, with the error message, also your URL will change, so copy and paste those in the comments and let’s see if we can help put an end to these!

(Celderhall) #4

Wish I would’ve seen this thread before I posted one about the same bug.

(JB) #5

Yeah it always pays to look a bit first at the recent posts for sure!

This bug has been a dozy for the admin team to fix, but they are actively working on it!

Hopefully @sierra or another admin can update this post for those users not in the face book group that shared the bug last week :slight_smile:

(Nicodeamus) #6

I have been having the opposite problem: my trade notifications are not showing up. I can only assume someone else is getting them? haha. Like many people I keep track of my trades/collections off-site as well but its hard to keep track of which ones are disappearing.

Side note: Being able to tell trades from each other with more identification than how much time they have left would make this a lot easier too! Even just the tradee’s name.

(Onjikun) #7

Sorry to bump up an old topic, but I’m guessing they’re either still having trouble with this or have just given up, because I logged in today and still got notifications for other people’s trades. This annoyance is one reason why I normally just claim free packs via the mobile app nowadays.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #8

The team is working to fix this as well as other trade anomalies that have been reported recently, hoping to straighten everything out. - Joe @ NeonMob