BUG - Cannot make a trade

(Zirukurt01) #1

I think some users cannot get trades with people who are OPEN for trades. Does anyone got this bug?

(Brunoryckaert) #2

Me, I think. I just created my account, opened my first free pack, and soon after got a trade request from Ocoto (someone claiming to be a bot to help new users learn how to trade, not sure if trustworthy btw??). But I can’t accept or counter the offer… maybe I’m doing something wrong.

(Zirukurt01) #3

If they trade request you, you’ll gonna choose to accept or decline. if you can’t choose either, then it’s a bug!

(Cloud9) #4

octo is legitimate - run by NM

(Joe @ NeonMob) #5

Bruno, bots are legit and run by us (I am an admin for NeonMob). Regarding all trading bugs, the team has turned 100% of its attention to resolving these issues and is currently working toward a fix. - Joe @ NeonMob