Autograph from the creator

(Bummer) #1

If the creator of a series generates a card, one user suggested to me it would be cool if that card would be autographed - so when it’s traded away you are trading an autographed specimen

I thought this was a cool suggestion, so posting it here

I would give some additional value too maybe - e.g. low number + autographed, may be a very rare specimen

(Ryan M) #2

I like this idea, it’d be like a Chase+ lol. Chase/Variant difficulty, with a single print rarity would be super exclusive and rare. I like it alot

(Joe @ NeonMob) #3

Just to clarify: the signature wouldn’t be on the original piece of art but instead digitally added to select collector’s cards to make the card even more rare? - Joe @ NeonMob

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(Bummer) #4

Personally, I would not add it on the art, but as a property, that maybe can be a selection paramater as well - it would for sure make some very unique cards - how about a #1 autographed chase ;o)

(Joe @ NeonMob) #5

So, no … not on the art but instead digitally added to select cards?

(Bummer) #6

It could be something like “You own : #86-A
Though that would not be a property that you can use in a search - however, die-hard collectors will find it somehow

(Mckayrulez) #7

Interesting idea.

(Alex Dayz) #8

Seems like an interesting idea. I think it would be a one of a kind card, making it rarer than a chase.

(One) #9

The best thing about this is that you could contact a creator, trade them your card and trade it back literally letting them AUTOGRAPH the card

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(Bummer) #10

Personally I think it would be better to only do it on cards generated by the creator - agreed that would make them very exclusive, but that was the general idea - otherwise there is no telling how rare the cards actually are if any card can be signed after it was generated + also a loophole for trading low number cards, letting them autograph, and increase the value after trade by doing this

(One) #11

Bummer, it’s an autograph but I see your point

(Paula Frog) #12

I like it! It can be a chase or variant --It can be digitally added to the creators favorite card when setting up the series. Cool idea! Maybe it can be 1 card deal or go to the user that spent the most credits on the series? Just ideas – I like this though

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(Bummer) #13

Credit to where it’s due, the idea was first suggested by Scott Bland in an IM