Autobiographer badge bug

(Sima Seal4) #1

I’ve been having a weird bug linked to the autobiographer badge. I’ve filled out all the info (website, images, etc.)
but I have not earned the badge.
Am I missing something? Or am I just being stupid?

(VictorLizcano77) #2

Sorry to bump your post, but I’m having the same problem. Just completed everything and no badge.

(VictorLizcano77) #3

Aaaaand as I typed that, I just got it. >_<

(Joe @ NeonMob) #4

Sima are you still having this issue or did your badge finally show up in your collection? Please let me know … thanks!

Joe @ NeonMob

(Sima Seal4) #5

Nope, still having this bug. I am pretty sure I have filled out everything.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #6

OK I have logged this in our bug report again. As this is a localized issue (meaning that only a small number of users is being affected) it may take some time to track down the root cause. But we will do our best to get a fix soon. Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

(VictorLizcano77) #7

Since I commented I’m still getting notifications. Try uploading a profile picture (yours is still a letter S), the badge text says:

This badge is granted for filling out your user profile and selecting a profile picture.

(Sima Seal4) #8

Thank you! That was my mistake @vagrantscout no need to look into the issue, it was my bad.

(VictorLizcano77) #9

Glad you got it. It only says “Filled out profile information” in the badges page (where it shows all badges), it only gives you the long description (with the info for the profile picture) if you click in the badge box, so that’s why it’s confusing (I was lost for a while too).

(Joe @ NeonMob) #10

Glad the issue was resolved. I will lock this thread. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Joe @ NeonMob) #11