Auto-opening of redeem packs

(7nik) #1

Presently, when you follow a redeem link, you automatically open the pack in no matter whether you clicked “Open pack” button or not. But I think the opening of any link shouldn’t cause any action.

Also, redeem page lacks info about series, there is not even the link to the series page. For example, to decide to collect a series or not I have to find it on the site and then check the series’ info.
And only when I like it, I can safely open the redeem link.

(JB) #2

Redeem links are just that - links to redeem a free pack, and since this site no longer supports a structure to store packs and open later they immediately open - as that’s the option. I really don’t think energy is merited on making another button on redeem links that says “no thanks” or the equivalent so you don’t open the pack.

Just note the redeem link and go to the and check the set out first - or just discard/trade it away if you don’t like the set after you open the redeem freebie pack.

(Mckayrulez) #3

I mean you clicked a “redeem link” hence you redeemed a pack. Why else would you click a redeem link for? lol If you don’t want the cards your given just discard them.

(Carebear1646) #4

OR TRADE THEM! that is what I do! I use them as a great trading tool to try to complete other series - some of those free packs hand out chases!