Ascii Art? Feedback?

(Mcguy215) #1

I wanted to make a series. I make ASCII art sometimes and I put my hot air balloon on the voting page. Any Feedback?

(Varactyls) #2

I like ascii art - I voted for this series :slight_smile:

(Loimprevisto) #3

I love ascii art; I would definitely collect this series!

(Ximuka) #4

I really love your art but I want to know what it will be included in your series like objects, ect. (Can’t be logos due to no copyright). It would have been fun if this series is more than 20 cards.
Y’all better vote for this guy’s submission! :raised_hands:

(Mcguy215) #5

Oh, I didnt realize that logos arent allowed

(Mcguy215) #6

Thanks :grinning:

(Dorothee Rudolph) #7

better add another comment on your submission in the voting section and tell Joe (staff member of NM), that you are by now aware, that artworks featuring company logos aren‘t allowed and that you won‘t include any. Right now he might think that you‘re planning to include them and might have to disqualify your current submission because of that.

(Mcguy215) #8

Thanks. I did it