Are SCP's fanart?

(Alex Dayz) #1

Recently I have gotten into SCP which are strange creatures that are supposedly real and can destroy the world. The SCP foundation has one mission…to secure, capture, and protect. I have wanted to make a series for these creature but was wondering if it is considered fan art or not. What do you think?

(Loimprevisto) #2

I really really really want to see a series based on SCP. The licensing guide at the SCP wiki says that derivative works are allowed as long as they are produced under a CC license. The site’s fair use policy doesn’t explicitly say anything about the use of source material in the public domain or with permissive licenses… your best bet is to email the team at to see if you can get a solid answer.

Maybe @vagrantscout can chime in?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #3

From a brief glance, this would be considered fan art and not applicable to NeonMob. If you would like to discuss your idea in greater detail and explain how your series would differ from the source material, please email me directly at - Joe @ NeonMob

(Alex Dayz) #4

Thank you. I’m still in the process of thinking of how to change it, so it may take a while before I email you. Thanks again :blush:

(Joe @ NeonMob) #5

No problem … we tend to be on the conservative side when it comes to copyright stuff, but since the law is pretty murky I like to do my best to accommodate when possible. When you do have some comps or other info just email me directly and we will chat :slight_smile:


Joe @ NeonMob

(matronator) #6

I discovered SCP few years ago and been briefly interested in it for a short time, a series like that would be nice. As far as the legal stuff goes, I’ve always been under the assumption that SCP is a collaborative project, similar to CreepyPastas.

(Sima Seal4) #7

Is this a pack which will have “Cthulu” or “Leviathan”? Is that the type of stuff you’re talking about?

(matronator) #8