Any way to sell these?

(Selan) #1

I have numerous rares, some complete sets long out of circulation; is there any way to sell these, or do they simply collect dust?

(Veronica) #2

The idea here is to collect and trade, no way of selling for now. The nature of these types of digital collections makes selling complicated, imo. Why not try trading them for other rare cards, some of the older collections have increased in value here, so to speak. Otherwise, there is the discard beta feature if you really badly want to get rid of them.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #3

The best way to gain value from cards you no longer want is to discard for points and redeem points for free packs. Discarding is currently in beta and we are assessing ways to improve and expand to increase the value of discards: NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT: Discarding (live beta test)

Joe @ NeonMob

(Chess) #4

The discard feature is like selling, but you can’t buy specific cards from selling. All you can do is after you have discarded a bunch of cards you get a free pack. Because you have to discard so many cards to get a pack that only has a few, you should only discard the ones you are sure you don’t want anymore and that nobody else wants, as you can get a way better deal trading than discarding.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #5

We have received this kind of feedback from a number of users and we are looking at ways to tweak discarding to provide more value. Updates to come after we handle some of these bugs driving everyone bonkers. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Selan) #6

One way you could make cards able to be sold would be something like the Steam marketplace; if your concern is that the images thereupon are still intellectual property of the artist, then allow them to opt in or out, and give them a portion of the profits made

(Joe @ NeonMob) #7

Something like you are describing is not in our future plans.

(Selan) #8

Huh, I’m depressed now. The point of collecting cards is typically because they’ll be valuable in the future, not digital dust rags… Ah well, your business not mine

(Nicodeamus) #9

Are there many digital goods that earn value over time? I like trading cards from the Steam Marketplace but you have to buy a game to earn about 4 max and they have value because of their attached game, not their art.

(Selan) #10

True enough, yet look upon the Topps app, and you’ll see many a card created for such a purpose

(Wgmeets) #11

Just look at ebay and there are tons lol. It’s against their rules tho.

(Naud van Dalen) #12

I can’t find anything when I search “neonmob”. :thinking: Not that I would ever buy NeonMob cards with real life money. The free packs I receive are more than enough and it’s against the rules to buy and sell cards, so I don’t want to spend money on a card AND potentially lose my account. :stuck_out_tongue: