Anthro Card Set Part 2

(Chihiroruin) #1

Hello everyone ^^ I released Pt.1 to this series a bit ago and decided to make Pt.2. This one is filled with not only digital (GIFS and still images) but also my journey through starting back with traditional art ^^. I would greatly appreciate y’all checking it out and giving it a vote ^^

Thank you!

(Eiriee) #2

Is it anthro as in anthropomorphic animals, or anthro as in …human not inanimate objects? I thought you meant the former.but the example card is a human, so I’m wondering how you’re using the term.

(Chihiroruin) #3

It will include anthropomorphic characters. Just like my last series that I listed as anthro, it also contained human examples as well but a good bit was Anthropomorphic. Check out my other set to give you a better idea :slight_smile:

(Chihiroruin) #4

Please also note that I built this one off my first series so it was only right to include the same title used as before as it will be like the previous deck and eventually named doodles and commissions. Have a good day :slight_smile: